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    Recently purchased machine from After testing, everything seemed fine. However when watching entire movie on prog scan mode encountered some heavy problems.

    After abt. an hour picture stutters and fragments. Then it seemed to switch itself onto interlaced and sound and picture went completely out of sync. Only fixed this by powering out machine, restarting and skipping to chapter I was originally watching. Then after a few minutes more the picture completely freezes. No buttons on remote or on player itself will operate and only way to resolve is to completely power off machine and restart. this happened about four times again between then and end of movie - which is pretty annoying. This happened on an r1 cpy of no mans land.

    Tried my r2 copy of O brother and same thing happened with screen freezing and power off the only solution.

    Anybody experience similar problems or have an explanation of what is happening ? . I'm waiting for after holiday so I can contact supplier.

    I previously had denon 1000. Bought tosh for prog. scan facility - I have compatable plasma - . Prog scan looks good but I must admit that I got better interlaced picture from the denon.

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