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Tosh 42XV555D


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Thinking about one of these as they seem to look quite good....

Couple of questions if I may for you owners;

Two scart sockets on the back - from what I've read only 1 is RGB enabled? Can the second one show S-Vid via a scart adapter?

The VGA on the back - what aspect ratio can this run? IE, is it limited to 1024x768 (4:3) or can it run 16:9 (like 1280x720 for example) as I use a base spec PC to watch AVI's etc on my TV and would want a full widescreen resolution... Whats the over/underscan like on the VGA input?

Finally, whats it like for SD material, as in Freeview (built in or external via RGB scart), SD-DVD and PC (non-HD material) ???

Thank you please!


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All Scart connections are RGB. The VGA connector on the rear has a resolution of up to SXGA 1280 x 1024 v.freq: 60.020HZ or 75.025HZ H freq.: 63.981kHZ and 79.97kHZ with a pixel clock freq. 108.000MHz and 125.000MHz respectively.

The clock frequencies are the same from the HDMI interface from a PC. Basically the TV can go High definition from VGA as long as your Video card supports the H.264 codec for High definition playback. Some earlier cards may display the HD format but due to bad coding They were not given the propper format for HD playback.

It depends on your perspective but the playback on this TV is faultless and if you connect an SD DVD player via Scart or component you can use the V+ for upping the contrast and signal ratio and colour blending to siute your own taste. The Upscale factor goes as far as 5:5 using the Cell processor, yes the same as the PS3. Plus you have gaming mode, but each of these can be taylored to your own taste. The only signal that cannot be upscaled is the HDMI signal.
Like all Freeview it comes with standard freeview which is signal dependant and offers you the opportunity to put a pay card in the side for extra channels like the Discovery package. Non as yet support the HD freeview as far as I know and as I do not use the Freeview on it I cannot comment on it any further.
I run all my items through my AV AMP both component and HDMI and only run my 360 and my SkyHD directly through the TV.
If you go to Toshiba.co.uk and look up the ZV 555 you can download the manual which should clear up any more questions you may have.
Personally I enjoy the TV and use it for 90% of my viewing needs. I even have an old Panasonic DMR-EH50 DVD recorder running through it and as far as the 4:3 format is concerned you have the option of setting the screen in any mode via HDMI although I am unsure about the VGA screen format but If it displays in full HD format as to specs I do not see any reason why it should not be in a fullscreen 16:9 format.
The XV maybe the older version of the above but I advise you to go for the ZV instead of the XV because of the video processing side is so much better and you will not pay much difference in price.
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