Tosh 42wh18b Problems



Well, I am now on my 7th tv in 14 months and this one is now on the blink. I have the tosh rp 42wh18b. I thought I had finally found a trouble free tv but I was wrong. Last week I noticed a sort of flashing in the picture. Like the brightness was going up and down very quickly. This stopped after about 2 mins so i forgot about it. BUT, it is now doing it more frequently. The panny rp I had before this had a similar problem. Looks like I will have to get yet another tv off Currys. Anyone else had this problem. You can notice it more if you pause the picture. It does it on all sources too (dvd, video and tv) I have given up all hope of finding a working widescreen tv now. Maybe I will have to go back to a 4:3. BTW tge Tosh has been the best so far!!!:mad:
Never heard of that problem. On the Swedish forum I check in on daily there are, I guess, at leats 10 guys who have this TV and none of them (including me) has ever mentioned anything like this.

It's just bad luck! Get another Tosh. ;)
thanks for that. I spoke to Currys today and they said they will change it no problem. They are sending an engineer first just to verify the fault. However they dont have this model tosh in stock anymore so they offered me the 42wt29b. Do you know what the difference is??

The WT29 is exactly the same as your model but includes a free to view digital terrestrial tuner built in.

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