Tosh 42WH18b connect to stereo amp?

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by fastedd, Aug 14, 2002.

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    Lurk mode off! I've been checking the forum for a couple of weeks after visiting from the dvdforums and must say lots of good advice.

    Anyway, I've just picked up the Tosh cheap from Currys (I know ex display but shops not been open long and theres no burn in, if there is its getting fixed under guaranty.) and get it delivered this friday

    Anyway from what I gather if I use the tosh's inbuilt speakers the centre channel is merged on top. If I connect external speakers and change the switch at the back to external- the Tosh stereo speakers outputs the centre channel.

    For the short term (whilst I save up to by a decent proccessor and speaker package) I want to use my existing speakers which are connected to the amp. In order to get the 5.1 output I'll have to dissconnect the speakers from my amp and plug into the TV , and loose CD and tuner

    The tosh does not appear to have a variable line out and any scart or line level out will only be the downmixed stereo not the FL and FR channels of the 5.1.

    Is there easy way I can connect the external speaker outputs to my amp. I thought of connecting them direct and turning the sound levels on the front right down to give the less than 2vpp level but the trouble is the line inputs are not the same impedance as a set of speakers and I could end up damaging the Tosh's amp.

    I know you can get kit to convert a car headunits speaker level outputs to line level for connection to amps. Will I have to get something like this or is there something I'm missing about connecting up the Tosh?

    If its going to get too complicated I'll wait a month and buy the Yam Proccessor for £250ish, get a cheap centre spkr and use the Tosh's rear spkrs for the time being. I don't want to rush into buying a set of speakers as I want to save up and get a really good set of fronts and a decent stereo amp when I can afford it. (years later )

    BTW how long was that thread on tosh RPTV? :)

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