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Tosh 42pw23

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by phattanglo, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. phattanglo

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    Nov 6, 2004
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    On Friday I took delivery of my Tosh rptv and I have to say initial impressions indicate I've made the right choice.
    I let the tv settle in and then did a quick once over of the settings i.e reducing the picture settings to Demons recommendations.
    I also managed to access the service menu but one look and I was out of there sharpish, a bit complex in these early days!
    I do have some questions which I hope someone may be able to answer.

    1- is it possible to set av1 so that switching a sky box on and off will also switch the tv in and out of standby? It used to do this on my old tv but on the Tosh it doesnt seem to, or will I have to use a scart without rgb? I will say my old tv didn't have rgb just plain scart signal.

    2-Can anyone tell me if there is the equivalent of DNR on the 42pw? as Demons tips & tweaks mentions adjusting this but I cant find this in the menu.

    Finally the picture to me looks great with dvd but is ever so slightly soft and fuzzy with sky, would this be due to shortcomings with sky or how the tv processes the signal?
    Any tips for improving the sky picture greatly appreciated :thumbsup:
  2. Laurel&Hardy


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    1. I don't think switch on from standby via an external source is a feature on Tosh TV's. However, EXT1 is RGB by default on all the large screen Tosh TV's I have come across and this will yield an improved picture, so I would recommend the use of an RGB enables SCART lead

    2. I'm not sure about this and it is not listed as a feature on Tosh's website. If there is a DNR equivalent it will be in the picture setup menu, where you adjust contrast/brightness, ect. I wouldn't worry about this feature too much - if you have a good signal there should be no need to use it.

    As for the sky broadcast, just make sure that you use an RGB enabled SCART and set the box to output in RGB. That will improve things no end.

    Hope this helps...

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