Tosh 37WL56 'dark patches' on screen


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Hello all - done a number of searches and found a few things to try / retry but am just checking something out as my 1 year of owning this set is about to be up in case I need to try an in-warranty repair.

I have had my set repaired once (DSP board swap out or something) following spurious subtitling boxes appearing. This fixed the problem. However now I am really bothered by 'dark patches' which are static on the screen, and visible on really light and bright pictures - really bad on football or golf but now I've seen them I'm spotting them in the same spots more, even on DVDs. Re-watched galdiator the other night and were there on sand / desert shots quite a lot.

I will admit I've messed with the settings A LOT however these patches are always in the same spot and only noticable with moving or panning scenes. Dark images, cartoons, still shots they can't be seen. I'm convinced its not MPEG artefacts as they don't look the same they are, as I say, just patches always in the same spot. Rougly around the centre third of the screen in a non-uniform pattern

I'm going to have a try at black-strech settings and a play with the backlight / brightness again as I keep these really low. Other points of note I have a two year old who can reach the screen and have seen him put his hands on but using a screen cleaner / micro-fibre cloth gets the screen completely clean. My big worry here is that he has pressed on and permanently damaged the screen. Other thought was some kind of screen burn but am very careful about leaving the set on unattended.

It might just stop bothering me but as I have to live with this set for some time (and like watching golf) was just getting fed up over the weekend with it and want to know if I can do anything before any remaining warranty is up.

TIA for any help or pointers, Ian.


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Could be an uneven backlight.

Mines not quite perfect (it's very easy to manipulate and one of the put off's of LCD for me). It's got a tiny bit darker in one corner. You can massage the screen a bit with a moistened cloth to see if it evens out.

But, that could change how it is in other areas. The Toshiba 32WL58 I tried before the Relisys was a bit like that and the only one with an absolute spot on backlight was the Samsung LCD I tried but then it was awful!!!


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Ah, thanks for this - this may make sense as I probably have to press on slightly to remove some of the more stubborn marks but I thought this wouldn't have been too bad (I've always done this on lap-top / LCD monitor screens) and may well fit a 'cleaning' pattern.

The question now would be is this permanently marked like this? Could I massage back? Or could I massage the surrounding area to compensate?

Or is this a household insurance job :oops:


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Could try massaging it back by massaging around the affected area (sounds like a medical forum at the moment). It may not fix it. I think the bigger the screen the more easily affected.

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