Tosh 37 WLT 58 connection to Denon S101


Junglie kev

Hi all,
I am new to all of this so please be patient with me!
I have ordered the Tosh 37 after reading the threads on this forum. I am going to wall mount it, but I am naive about connection etc. I am also planning to get the Denon S101 (cheaper than the 301) which does not have HDMI output. I am assuming that RGB component is the best option to connect them......does that sound sensible. If so any particular recommendations?
I am also thinking of 2 sets of audio leads so I can play TV sound through the denon as well as the other way round.
I have read all sorts about fancy power leads and top of the range cables, how much difference is a new comer like me really likely to see?

Any suggestions for a slim line tiltable mount would be great too!!!

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.....I need it!


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Connect the S101 to the Toshiba using a good quality component video cable, see here for some options.

You will also need a stereo analogue interconnect to go from the S-101 to the Tosh to carry sound, and as you said another to carry sound from the TV to the S-101. If you are wall mounting the TV, and once mounted, if adding more cables is going to be an issue, you may also want to connect a Scart or two to the Tosh for future components you may add.

If you do use Scarts, make sure you buy "traditional" design Scarts, as opposed to flat ones, as these will better fit into the screen.

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