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Tosh 36ZP48P Dolby Pro-Logic/Digital & Xbox

Poobik The Hare

Standard Member
a couple of questions if I may...

1/ Dolby Pro-Logic and Dolby Digital, can i expect a big difference in the sound

2/ I own a 33" Tosh Dolby Pro-Logic system with amongst other things an Xbox plugged into it. I have just ordered a Tosh 36" that has Dolby Digital and when messing around with my Xbox settings today I noticed a Dolby Digital option, so....

if anyone has an Xbox/Digital set up is it any better than Dolby Pro-Logic or is it not noticeable? :confused:

3/ are there any DVD's (Music or Film), that show off a Dolby system



Distinguished Member
There is a massive difference between dolby pro logic and dolby digital, the main difference being that the rear speakers are actually 2 channels (left rear and right rear) rather than just the 1 (rear)
I would recommend a copy of saving private ryan to show of the dolby digital sound, the opening sequence is amazing


Active Member
If you have Dolby Digital capability you would be mental not to take advantage of the DD sound on XBox games. It does make a tremendous difference especially on FPS games where bangs, crashes, bullets and explosions will be directional rather than just surrounding. You have to hear the difference to appreciate it though. Remember to buy the XBox av cable with optical connector to connect the XBox to your TV otherwise you won't get the DD sound :smashin:

You'll need a coaxial or optical cable as well to link up your DVD player otherwise you won't get DD sound from there either.

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