Tosh 36zp18Q - RGB Scarts ??


David A

Does any one know if its just scart socket one that is RGB enabled?

I have the DVD going via the component in, and sky into RGB 1

If I put the XBOX scart into scart 2 or 3 I get a B&W picture - does this mean that only scart 1 is RGB compatible?

Any one know for sure


Yes, only EXT1 is RGB enabled. EXT2 and EXT3 are S-Video enabled though.

Even if you plug your XBox into EXT2 or 3, I would still expect to see a colour picture, but of a lower quality to that of EXT1 (this is certainly what happens if I plug my Digibox into EXT2 or EXT3).

You may be seeing a b&w picture if you have the EXT2/3 AV input set to 'S-Video' instead of 'AV'.

The Xbox support S-Video output, so you could connect it to EXT2/3 using an S-Video connector. The picture quality should be a lot better than using a non S-Video connection to EXT2/3, but not quite as good as RGB to EXT1. If you were to do this, you'd need to make sure that EXT2/3 is set to S-Video'.

Another suggestion that people have made in the past is to connect the Xbox (RGB out) to Digibox (VCR in). The XBox signal should then be passed through Digibox, and so when the Digibox is switched off, you'll see the XBox signal. I haven't tried this myself as I use the digibox VCR in for my video recorder, so I don't know if there's any drop-off in the quality of the RGB singal from the XBox.

Hope this helps,


Tried this, colours go all funny, XBOX is ok directly into scart one on the tv though.
Next thought

Any reccomendations where I can get a switchable scart box ie two scarts in and one out and switch to pick which one you want.

Or any other ideas?:confused:
Plug the Xbox into the VCR scart in the digibox. That way you get RGB for both the digibox and the xbox

I've tried this, the colours go all funny for the XBOX picture. Is there something else I need to do?

If I have the digibox off at the wall no signal passes thru, if I have the xbox on it overrides sky, no matter if the box is on standby or not.

NB I have a grundig. . . digibox, have you tried this option on one of these?


The RGB specifications on the digiboxes are the same. They should all have RGB passthrough with no problems.

However, things are not always created equal. My PACE digibox passes my PS2 RGB signal fine. My parents PACE digibox will not pass their Samsung DVD player RGB signal without the colours going off colour.

It was worth a try!

Several people on this board have recommended the BTech switchbox @£9.99 (+p&p) from (product code BT22, I think).

The S-Video route that I mentiond is also worth thinking about. You can get a SVideo Xbox cable for 12.99 (Game), and an SVideo to Scart plug for less than £10 (Maplin, JL, etc). Plug it in to EXT2/3 and you won't have to bother with the manual switch. I've got my PS2 connected to my 36ZP18 in exactly this way, and the picture's great. Before I bought a DVD, I had the PS2 connected using the EXT4 component inputs, and to be honest, I haven't noticed a great deal of difference in the picture quality since I switched it to SVideo.

RGB is the best wat to go IMO unless you can use the component connections of the Xbox on your Tosh TV. If you're not using the component inputs then invest in a Joytec Advanced Pack that has component cables and an optical out cable. Well worth £15.

If you don't go down this route then IMO you are better off with a scartbox. I have an Argos one for £9.95, manual switcher and all inputs are RGB enabled. Just make sure that you don't buy the one that has the scart lead already attached to the box and you'll be fine.

With this I have my Gamecube and DVD player via component (switchbox) and my Sky, PS2, DC, SNES and the rest of my consoles via a scartbox.

Can you point me in the direction of the joytech advanced pack that lets me use component outs from the XBOX - I can't seem to find it anywhere!

Component outs as in 3 RCA video only - audio via a coax or optical connection right?


No probs David. I have seen the Joytech packs in Dixons, PC World, GameStation and GAME (formerly Electronics Boutique). Have a little gander at those places and I'm sure they will have it in stock. Happy hunting ^_^

BTW if all else fails, buy it off the net.
Sorted - got one from Game, though they didn't know what the hell I was talking about "component?????"

Saw one on a shelf on my way out of the shop!

and got £40 quid back on the Xbox into the bargain!

Thanks once again.


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