Tosh 36ZP & ITV1 - Did we ever sort this

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I have had my Tosh 36ZP18P since Christmas and despite all the 'features' and happy with it (no really I am).

But there is one thing that I have never got to the bottom on.

When watching ITV1 via Sky, normally after the adverts, the picture goes jerky (as if the frame rate has dropped) and the only fix is to switch off then back on.

As I never watch ITV1 (but the wife watches Emmerdale), I have never really been bothered by this but I am now curious as to why this happens and if anybody ever found a fix.


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I put out a thread on exactly the same topic a few weeks ago. You will find it via the search function above.

It appears there is no solution. It really is weird and like you is my only really gripe with the set despite the 'features'.

Although it appears to be a problem with the TV, I would be interested to find out if anybody has ever contacted Sky to see if ITV1 is 'configured' any differently to all other channels.

I would also welcome any further views that any of the many learned readers of this forum may have!!!


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If you mean a momentary break up of the itv picture at the end of the adverts, I have this problem. But it immediately clears and the program continues with no further incidents until the next adverts. Certainly nothing I will worry about. Had My set for almost 18 months and am still reasonably happy despite the well discussed "features".
Still think it is one of the best looking ones out there, certainly no other 36" set would have gone into the corner of my small 10x13 foot lounge.


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No its not a break up of picture. Its a really weird thing that happens only on ITV1.
The picture will be fine during the programme and during the adverts as well, then when it goes back to the programme the picture will run with what can be best described as dropped frames. Anyone who has the problem will notice it straight away.
Its almost like looking at video streaming on the net.
Very annoying indeed.

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