Tosh 32ZP38 Auto aspect switching ... or not


My Tosh will not auto switch aspects whilst watching Sky via RGB SCART. My Panasonic used to do this fine with the AUTO mode and was great but this is really letting the Tosh down.

I love it in every other way,

perfect geometry, no smears, no lines, no extra colours / bleeding but this is doing my nut in. I've set the Automatic format option in the menu but it seems to make no difference or it just changes when it fancies it.

Anyone else got this problem or have any ideas?



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I had the same trouble with my ondigital box.

You need to press the AV button on your sky remote (function TV/DTV) from a 4:3 transmission to a Wide transmission to get it working, it does so by enabling the relevant pin.

TV on first, then digibox on.

Auto-format switches between your chosen format (eg 4:3) and Wide. It also recognises Cinema (4:3 with large black bars). It won´t , however, work with 14:9 transmissions, leaving those niggling small black bars, on 4:3.


There isn't an AV button on the sky remote :(

It seems to have started working again but I don't know for how long as it's really random!!! thanks for the reply though :)



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Cool - thanks for this

Anybody else that has bought a PF2 eg Toshiba 36ZP38 that wants Auto Aspect switching to work

In the Feature Menu set Auto Format to On

Set the Aspect using the aspect button to your preferred 4:3 Aspect (I've used cinema)

Watch Sky on, for example, EXT1.

On the Sky remote press the TV button. the picture goes a bit rubbish. On the remote switch the Sky digibox off. Switch Sky back on again - move between channels and any widescreen channels the aspect auto switches to wide.


Auto switching worked fine for me for months with NTL cable, but as soon as I got Sky+ in, it stopped. Strangely after a couple of weeks it started working, but then a day or two later it stopped again. I assumed it was a problem with the Sky+ box. I've not got round to calling Sky yet.

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