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tosh 32zd26p with the denon 2900 dvd player ?

Discussion in 'TVs' started by zeymatis, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. zeymatis


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    Hi people .

    At the moment im running a JVC 28" interart TV with a tosh 520 dvd player and am happy enough but want to move up the evloutinary ladder .

    I was gona buy the tosh 32zd26p and put it with the denon 2900 dvd player but have just found out that the TV does not support the PAL progressive scan mode which the denon can pump out ( i come from LONDON ) .
    Is the really gona be an issue for region 2 dvds or is the picture gona be pretty hot what ever ,,, .

    ive never had the chance to check out progressive scan output before , so was wondering if it really is jaw dropping or just a marginal improvement over normal out put ,,

    many thanks

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