tosh 32zd26p screen sloping

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Just put my new tosh together (great tv, very happy). I have noticed the boarder at the top and bottom is out (slopes down slightly). There is nothing on the menu to adjust. Can anyone advise if there is a menu (engineers) I can access and how or if this is something I should live with or it common on widescreens.




Mine does the same slightly from left to right. But the one I have is going back due to :-

Colour disfiguration after degaussing
Picture flickers when using component video in NTSC
Dirty screen effect
Hazy poor picture quality

Maybe I got a duff one or expected too much but the picture was better on my old Toshiba 2835DB surround TV!

Will see what the replacement is like!


Further to my post having just come off the phone arranging my replacement , I'd like to ask - How good should the picture on these sets be?
Is there a benchmark to ascertain whether you have a below par one or not?
I expected perfect digital picture quality and was somewhat disappointed!


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I had two of these. Major geometry probs on the second but the following were identical on both:

-Buzzing [grrrrr]
-Picture flickers when using [prog scan only] component video in NTSC [really bad on US Cube - noticable on some DVD's]
-Sky Digital [RGB] pics dissapointing...
-Built in Tuner pics very dissapointing...
-Good RGB/S-Video/Component pics form Games Console...

My 5 year old 28" Panasonic had a better picture... Not planning on buying another CRT TV....


Just want to to bump this thread as info still required.Cheers Pete


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Hey Staff`, you said you had a "dirty screen affect" m8. Is it anything like i`ve have troubles with, and is why i`m getting a new set on wednesday??
Please look in: Tosh 32zd26p, ok for centre on top?
Is in this part of the forum m8.

Many thanks,


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