tosh 32zd26p query - re:prog scan



Right - i think i've decided on this TV and the 962a dvd player (w/ pal prog. scan from Hivizone) combination....

But, something has just occurred to me.....(being a bit of an AV imbecile)

Can the Tosh TV handle Pal prog scan??



I have contacted Toshiba UK about it. I asked them if the 28ZD26 will accept NTSC and as well as PAL progressive scan from a suitable DVD player. I quote their reply:
"The 28ZD26P will accept progressive scan from a suitable DVD through the component inputs"
When I asked them specifically about PAL progressive ( and mentioned that I knew it was not technically legal yet), they said they knew nothing about PAL progresive scan.

BUT I have a feeling that it does accept PAL progressive as well...nly way to tell is for someone who has such a DVD to test it and let us all know!!


I own a Tosh 36ZD29.. Basically a Tosh Strata with DD 5.1, DVB blah blah and it doesn't support PAL progressive scan. I own a Philips Q50 modded for multi-region, NTSC and PAL progressive scan. I've thrown in my R1 LOTR and it works fine but if I put in my R2 T2 DVD... I get a blue screen from my progressive outputs. On my interlaced outputs the image is fine.

I'll do a further test once I'm able to run it on a plasma TV but I can say that it doesn't work on the Stratas....


A local shop I know told me that they tested it with PAL progressive and it didn't work.

Also only review I have seen also said it was NTSC only!!

I am also looking for a PAL and NTSC prog scan TV!!!


gmt steve

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Apparently a new 32" model from Panasonic will display NTSC and PAL progressive.
Sorry I can't remember the model number, but it was given a brief review in the current What Hi-FI.
No mention of a 36" though.


Its been documented already in depth but if you want an NTSC and PAL prog.scan TV then opt for a Loewe TV. Theres a massive thread all about it on the forums so just run a search...

Or you could just go for a plasma ^_^

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