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    Anybody got any opinions on the tosh 32zd09b? I'm after a 32inch widescreen with component and RGB-scart to go with Sony dvp-ns900 DVD and Pioneer 859RDS receiver. Any idea's? I've read conflicting reports on this tosh telly and others and it's all a bit worrying. Happy owners please reassure me! Is the picture **** or not? Please don't suggest the 32zd18p, it's UGLY.
    Max price £1200:confused:
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    Kirkcaldy (but i'm not a Fifer)
    I bought a 32ZDO9B in December from they are selling it now for £1117.49 including delivery.I decided on it for its looks,good reviews and handy 3 shelf cabinet,it had everything i wanted in one package.I considered the 32ZP18P but i personally didnt like the look of it or the open cabinet. Overall i am pleased with it,the picture(after you turn down the factory settings) and sound is very good particularly if you connect optional external front speakers. One thing i have found to my slight annoyance though, is that if you connect 2 different digital audio inputs at the same time,the coaxial will override the optical,although this wont affect you if you are running it through an AV receiver.Have you considered a Nicam only model to save money?
    I read on this site that the screens on the "Picture Frame" Toshiba's were darker in the centre so i had a close look at mine and it is there also,but to be honest i only really notice it when viewing black screens on PS2 games.Its not that bad and doesnt put me off at all,in fact if i hadnt read about it on this site than i would not have noticed it.
    At the end of the day everybody is different,and with so much choice out there it is down to your personal preferences,but it is undeniably a good tv and i am happy with mine.

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