Tosh 32WLT66 vs Sam 32R74BDX


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I am about to buy a set tomorrow but I am stuck between the above two. Both are in the same price band and I will be mainly using it for Gaming and DVD playback through Blue Ray (PS3) any recommendations?


I have the 32wlt66 and its a great TV for HD content and 360 gaming + you get two HDMI sockets so can have a 360 in the component, ps3 (bluray) in one HDMI and another High Def source in the spare one.

I think both are great and they were the two i shortlisted myself - the tosh just won on the extra port and slightly more understated asthetics in the end.


a couple of weeks ago i was in the same position, wondering which one of these to get.

But after reading a lot of magazines and on this forum there has been a lot of bad comments about the picture quality on the samsung.

The toshiba was slightly better in my head as it got so many awards and all mags said it was a 5 Star TV and no complaints about this TV what soever.

At present i have narrowed it down to:

* Toshiba 32WLT66
* Pansonic 32LXD600
* Sony KDL32V2000

I know the sony & the panasonic are A LOT more expensive (twice as expensive) as the toshiba but everyone on here has said that the picture quality is A LOT better.

Please comment what you think?


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These are the two i was stuck between, but someone mentioned you should always go one higher than you need so I am now stuck between the:

Toshiba 37WLT66
Samsung 40R74BDX

Just hoping the sales force a price drop


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I had same Dilema - Samsung won on looks and shaded it having got better reviews.


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Same choice for me 3 weeks back.

I went with the samsung on looks and the fact I intend to use it for pc connection.

It all depends on your requirements and opinion of the 2 sets.

They both get great reviews the tosh advantages are.

better sound - although irrelevent as i would never use any lcd to output the sound anyway - surround sound it essential for dvds and xbox 360

2x hdmi ports - slightly better for future requirements perhaps.

If needed Id get a hdmi switch in the future.

Samsung advantages for me

Looks fantastic and great with the matching stand
Supports 1x1 mega pixel mapping for superb pc quality connection

I took my laptop in to the shop and tested both sets out in detail dvd's pc connection etc. Tosh is not great at all for pc connection

Had it a few weeks now and its great, I dont think the sound it that bad from the lcd if you intend on just using that and it looks great with no showing speakers and high gloss finish.

Oh bought mine for £560 btw using codes etc from currys online.

Hope this helps


So wot is everyones opinion of the samsung and toshiba?

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