Tosh 32" wlt66 and Tosh 37wlt66 - same quality?



Hi all,

I am looking v. closely at this range and fancy a 37" screen.

I am a little concerned that maybe the 32" version is actually a superier quality panel. (in terms of contrast, dark levels, detail, etc)

As I only sit 2.6 metres away - woudl I notice poorer quality from freeview / sky, telewest etc.

I am hoping also that on DVD (normal and HDMI upscale) is really great on the 37" and 32 " - but I want the cinematic experieince of a 37" display? !

any thoughts / who has the 37" wlt66 and loves it? do you see motion blur on sports (especially tennis?) and woudl it be worse on a larger panel than the 32"?

Sorry for all the questions but hopefully - I will get some good answers back.

I am going into shops all the time and reading up. I just dont want to make a big expensive mistake!


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With my 37WLT58 we sit about 3.2 metres away and now wished (except the Misses) that we had gone for the 42", if that helps. I am very pleased with the TOSH



had the 37wlt66 for about 3 weeks now. I sit about 2.5-3 meters away.

HDMI input from upscaling DVD is superb. Cant believe how good the picture is.

The freeview picture is excellent, but then coverage seems to alter like the weather!

As for sport, depends what channel and the signal strength. BBC athletics was great, channel 5 footie not so good. But neither showed any noticable montion blur.

All in all, glad I chose the 37 over the 32. More of cinematic experience withour drowning our lounge.

Go on - you know you wanna!

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