Tosh 30WL46P packed in today

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    I turned on my Toshiba 30WL46P this morning and alas no picture whatsoever. It was fine last night when I went to bed and turned it off which I do each night rather than standby mode. I only bought this TV in May 2005 and it seems crazy to me that the picture has gone already. I have tried everything cabling wise just in case maybe a connector was loose SCART/Coaxial etc and it doesn't work. I have read some of the forums about this model and I too thought there was a strange noise from the set right from the beginning and as some people have said on here they reckon that is power related. We also had the product recall on the power lead a few months back which I did through Toshiba so it seems to me that maybe power supply issues have caused component failure on the PCBs. The :thumbsdow problem I have is that I bought this online from Currys and I can't find any paperwork relating to warranty so

    1. Does anyone know what the standard warranty is parts/labour wise
    2. Has anyone else had this problem on any Toshiba LCD TVs

    I will be writing to Toshiba too as I cannot believe that a TV can pack in after 15 months even an LCD screen. I have an LCD screen on my PC for over three years without any problems.

    Any advice guys?


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