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Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Deftly, Aug 26, 2004.

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    Greenhorn buyer here...

    Anyone have any experience of Tosh 100MHz 28-inchers? Have seen a 28ZH36 in action and like it. But now I find there are also in production a 28ZH46 and a 28ZD26, available for more or less the same price.

    Have spoken to Toshiba's customer service who were extremely polite but deeply unhelpful, telling me that the '3' in 36, the '4' in 46, and the '2' in 26 refers to the year of introduction (ie 2003 etc), and that the '6' in each refers to the screen width of 66mm. 'ZD' means the same as 'ZH' and is shorthand for 100MHz.

    The 46 and the 36 are roughly the same spec, but neither is as well specced - in terms of fancily named features - as the two-year-old 26 (which also has an extra Scart and apparently beefier sound). The 26 is probably coming to the end of its front-line life, but it seems to me that it's a good sign that it has lasted this long on the market and has probably had any picture and performance bugs ironed out. But conversely a 2004 model is likely to have better technology inside, even if it doesn't have 'DFS Active Mode', 'Dynamic Frame Scan', 'Digital Picture Processing' and 'Dark Tint' - maybe the 2004 model doesn't need these things because it is better to start with.

    Any comments, particularly from anyone who knows these contraptions, much appreciated.

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