Tosh 220e and macrovision



i've got a Richersounds Tosh 220e connected via Sony STRDB925 to a Pro-V and into a Panny AE100, the problem is a macrovision type effect while playing some discs ie Grease and BHD among others. Has anyone else encountered this problem??
My other players, namely a Reoc a5 (unreliable, freezing etc.) and a Pioneer DV515 (long in the tooth and doesn't play VCD/SVCD/MP3) don't have macrovision probs. The Pioneer is macrovision disabled anyway.
If i'm basically goosed can anyone suggest a machine that will play anything reasonably well, that doesn't cost the earth.
thanks in advance for any info.

Jason S

why not get a set of cables to "remove" macrovision from the signal instead of shelling out on another player??

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