Tosh 220 vs Pioneer 656

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Bling Bling, Feb 10, 2003.

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    Is the Pioneer 656A worth the extra £ 200 or so it costs more than a Toshiba 220 ? I'm thinking of upgrading from my Tosh 110 and in terms of sound and picture quality (these are my primary considerations - SACD and DVD-A capability come a distant second), is the extra outlay for the Pioneer worth it in terms of noticable improvement over the cheaper Toshiba player?

    Have been offered the Pioneer (new - multiregion) for £ 300 with my old Toshiba player being taken in part exchange. Will be using a Toshiba 32inch widescreen TV via RGB scart (no component connections on my model, I'm afraid, although long term plan is to eventually acquire a projector and use it in a dedicated room....:D)

    Any alternatives I should consider apart from the Pioneer ?

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    romney marsh, kent, uk
    If you are thinking of buying a projector, then the tosh 520 has Prog scan....but only for NTSC.......

    Personally i would go for the pioneer.....i brought a 626 and was well impressed with that, i then replaced it with a tosh 520....the films started freezeing on me and the pic was not i got a replacement....films still freezeing...crap pic and crap CD playback compared to the 626...this is all through a sony 930 receiver, connected via digital coax and a tosh 42pw23p RP, RGB via scart......i now have a pioneer 656 and the pic and audio are better than the 626 and made the 520 (IMO) look total crap....maybe if you have the money, try looking at the pioneer 757....i think that has prog scan, that will work ok, when you get your projector.

    I must point out thow, that there are many happy tosh 520 owners on here.........but its not for me....i only brought a tosh RP, because i could not afford a pioneer plasma at the mo.....hopefully by the time my warrenty runs out, the plasmas might be a bit cheaper and then the RPTV can go.

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