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Is there anyway to get ESPN on the 7MC ?
Setanta did originally offer a pack that included a PCI card, a CAM and card loaded with a months subscription so I guess ESPN is still the same and you will need a CAM and a card

Reading this looks like you can get the stuff easy enough but I doubt your TV card comes with a CAM slot.

This then starts to get into the realms of getting Sky on HTPC and looking at things like Dreamboxes etc. That said I doubt the encryption is the same as Sky so might be able to simply buy a £10 USB card reader and use that ??


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Did a little more digging and might not be too bad.

Scan are still listing this WinTV + Setanta bundle so I guess if you have one of the compatible cards you could get one of these and the CAM/card mentioned above.

But at £62 it is quite expensive...


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sorry what does CI stand for?
Common Interface. It is the slot you you put everything in. You have to put the card in a CAM and then the CAM in the CI.

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