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Topfield TF5800 PVR - connecting to HD TV


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I have just had a panasonic HD TV delivered, and to get the best possible picture I'd like to know if there is any way to connect the Toppy to the TV other than using a scart?

Any help would be appreciated.



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The Toppy supports Component over SCART which is the best output quality you can get from that model. A special SCART lead is needed. See www.toppy.org.uk for details.


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I have the scart lead already, as i am currently connecting the Toppy with a scart to my existing (rather naff!) TV. But as i have now bought a much better TV, I wondered if there was any other method than a scart for connecting.

Could RGB be used and if so would this be better than scart?


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As Giblets2 mentioned, the SCART socket outputs component as well. You would still use the scart output socket, but using the new lead, you can connect to the component input on your new telly. Otherwise you could always upgrade to the 5810 when it is available, which will output HDMI...


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Ok, thanks guys.

So basically, i need to buy a component lead - and connect this to the scart socket on the Toppy and the component socket on the TV?


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Good to hear from you Nigel. I've been a bit quiet on the Toppy forums for a year or so since I got SkyHD - there's just so much more to complain about with Sky! :rotfl:

I'm toying with the idea of getting a 5810 though - purely because we want to move our 5800 upstairs and the Planner on Sky+ is dire compared to the brilliant Toppy - but then you knew that. Besides, my 750Gb upgraded disk is always chock full of HD.

Good news about the 500Gb disk, have you heard any more about price and whether the USB transfers work at a 21st Century speed yet?




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My recollection from a similar thread is that RGB via scart and component (as per Toppy) are pretty much equivalent. You may want to try the current scart before buying the other cable.


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I've just bought this cable but cannot get it to work. I've put the RGB leads into my Panny Th37PX70 and selected component, I've then connected the TV scart to the Toppy 5800.
The Tv show 'component' selected, and i get a couple of flashes of the program but mainly nothing displayed.


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Just went to the Futureshop website... I've set the Toppy for YUV... I have a picture but no sound...
your help please !

The SCART to component cable only carries video. You also need to get an audio cable and connect it to the phono out sockets on the toppy and phono in sockets for the component input on your TV and then you'll have sound.


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Whats the picture quality like on YUV? iv heard mixed reviews, but i can switch component through my amp so if quality is decent i'll give it a go.

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