Topfield remote picture?


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I'm seriously thinking of ditching Sky+ (2 boxes with mirror subscription) for a
Topfield PVR.

The thing is, I can't find a picture of the remote control anywhere on the net.
This is important since other family members find the Sky+ remote a major draw.

Sky+ itself is a breeze to use, and if I'm worried if I change to a Topfield nobody will be able to use it.

So what's the remote like then?

(I'm totally fed up with paying £50+ per month to Sky. It seams all I'm paying for is the ease of use...the only things I watch are on Freeview!)


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Thank you.
I'll be buying one from them on Monday.

Actually I'm thinking I could ditch my DVD-Recorder, and invest in a USB extension cable. I'll see how it does next week.
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