Top up TV sampler channel on other channels, Why?



Sorry if this has been mentioned before. But i was flicking through today, and i noticed UKTV Gold was unencrypted showing the TUTV Sampler channel :S It even had the UKTV Gold logo in the top corner of the screen, Oh wel!

What was going on? This was at about Midday, then it went off and became encrypted again.

I would have thought that if you already had TUTV then there would be absolutely no point in advertising it on a TUTV encripted channel.


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UKTV Gold's stream is not TUTV-only. Therefore, if they're in the middle of a programme when TUTV's UKTV Gold hours start, they play the sampler until the beginning of the next programme.


Okay, dats cool. Now i know.

But why put the TUTV sampler on there when only TUTV subscribers can view it, if we already have TUTV then an advert for it sounds pointless. lol

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