Top Ten Favourite Billy Joel Songs ?


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Jan 11, 2002
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50 Rue St Georges, Paris.
My favourite twenty ( 1st September 2002 )
Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
The Ballad Of Billy The Kid
Stop In Nevada
Just The Way You Are
Movin' Out ( Anthony's Song )
New York State Of Mind
Piano Man
My Life
Only The Good Die Young
Until The Night
She's Always A Woman
Captain Jack
All For Leyna
The Entertainer
We Didn't Start The Fire
I Go To Extremes
1, She always a woman to me.

2, Just the way you are.

3, In the middle of the night.

4, Uptown girl.

5, It's still rock 'n' roll to me.

6, Only the good die young.

7, Oh what a night.

8, An innocent man.

9, Piano man.

10, And so it goes.
I couldn't get it down to just ten. Almost everything he has ever done is superb. He's a musical deity.

I am partial to singing "Just the Way You Are" at karaoke though and can even knock off a half decent rendition with me guitar (acoustic, of course) :D
Originally posted by Squirrel God
I couldn't get it down to just ten. Almost everything he has ever done is superb. He's a musical deity.

As you are the rodent kind ;)

Storm Front album "We didn't stsrt the fire" superb song.
Originally posted by Zone
Storm Front album "We didn't stsrt the fire" superb song.
If he'd sung "stsrt" instead of "start", I don't think it would've been as good to be quite honest.

In fact, I probably would've thought it was about a stuttering, dyslexic arsonist who was clearly trying to defend his innocence.

Damn this keyboard and smart arsed squirrel's:D
Weird... just listened to the greatest hits today. This proves I am not the only under 50 listening to Billy Joel.... try some of his earlier stuff as well... 52nd street and the like

in no particularly order.........

always a women

still rock and roll to me

piano man

you're my home (I may have to put this first as I once sang it to my girlfriend)

everybody loves you now

she's got a way

goodnight saigon

just the way you are

new york state of mind

say goodbye to hollywood
Still be hard pushed to beat "We didn't stsrt the fire" :rolleyes:
i love the lyrics (know them pretty much off by heart) but I listened to it today and the backing vocals sounded very, VERY dated... considering its only about 10 years old.
1989 James to be exact :p
I'd have to go for "We didn't start the fire" not only because it's a brilliant song but also for the fact that he mentions every important event in the last 40 years and manages to make it rhyme!!!
My other personal favourite is "Goodnight Saigon" - beautifully written lyrics and it always sends a shiver down my spine with the last line of the lyrics

"They heard the hum of the motors, they counted the rotors and waited for us to arrive" - pretty much sums up the American success in Vietnam.
shudders at the thought of listening to billy joel
Im not really reading any of this, I will just stick my fingers in my eyes and go naaaah :mad:
Originally posted by AccursedDelphi

Well i'm listening to Adam and the Ants now ;) "dog eat dog"

a much better choice..but then I think I would prefer Steps to Billy Joel
Just The Way You Are I thought that was one of Barry White’s.!!!!

Had you going there for a moment, what was Barry thinking of when you have perfection leave it alone.
Gringottsdirect have you thought of doing a poll? A mod might even be able to add one at the top of the thread.

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