Top soundcard for HTPC?

Looking to upgrade my ageing and frankly dissappointing SB Audigy in my HTPC.

Can somebody recommend me some great card in the £100-200 price range.

Also would appreciate any links to vendors of this cards.



If the card is for a HTPC, surely you don't really need an expensive one - just one with an SP-DIF output - the card itself doesn't actually have to do much work.


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I had a Revo 7.1 which was a good, now running an Audiophile 24/96 which is even better


if you spend another £100 and go to £300 you can get a RME9632. To me it seems at lest as good as my DV88+ - though with some through testing I expect it will come out on top by a long way.



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audiotrak prodigy maybe? seems quite a big thing over at avsforum atm..

based on the envy ht24 chip - has coax in and out, 7.1 analogue connections, asio drivers and all for about £100 atm


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Have the Audiotrak prodigy 192 here.....I'm using it mainly as a good quality SP/DIF out,but it's sound quality isn't bad...not as good as a good external DAC though.....

In the upper price levels,the RME and the Lynx are highly recommended.


Another vote for RME soundcards here if you want analogue outputs. If the 9632 is a little out of your price range at around £300-350, the older DIGI 96/8 PAD is available for just over £200 (less than £200 if you import from Germany)

I have experience of both cards and the sound difference is small - the quality of both cards is astonishing.

The only problem with the PAD is that the output is balanced (professional) so that you will need the advice of a competent hi-fi dealer to get a properly configured cable to connect to unbalanced (consumer) amplifiers. Otherwise look around for second hand DIGI 96/8 PST cards (with consumer unbalanced outputs). I picked one up for £100 a few weeks ago

Thanks for all the suggestions folks!

After doing a little research, the RME 9632 seems like a very good card and I think its in my interests to wait a while longer and go for this card.

I do have a question though.

Does the 9632 have 5.1 analogue outputs, ie. the card will decode DD, DTS etc. I would prefer this solution as I'm wanting to make my HTPC into a pre/pro combination and do away with my Lexicon MC1.


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I have used the RME Digi96/9 PAD but now use a Lynx Two B. With the new Lynx WDM drivers recently released I find the sound far superior in both S/PDIF and analogue configurations to the RME. Best of all, due to the $ exchange rate recently, I was able to buy from the US and have it Fed Ex'd to my door for less than £500!!



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