Top plate - where from?


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Ok I've been going round the houses for a while now and realised that I will not be able to get a single speaker stand to allow me to mount my Kef Q9C at the rear of my AV setup.

I've come to the conclusion that the next best thing is to get a pair of speaker stands and weld / place another plate across the two stands and then place the speaker on top of this.

Does this sounds feasible (ie am I missing a trick here?) and where could I get a plate made up?

Please help as this is becoming very irritating to say the least.

Cheers :thumbsup:

p.s. Q9C speaker is 480mm wide


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I had the same frustration and ended up building my own centre speaker stand. It started off life as a corner table from Argos but after considerable modification, sand filling and a coat of black spray paint I think it looks the business and does the job a treat. I fitted it with spikes, reinforced the support columns and fitted it with a fifth central support column. I think it matches in with my Atacama SL400's a treat:thumbsup: Theres definately a gap in the market for centre speaker stands:D


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Lol looks the business :D

Problem here is that a need a metre high stand and that is the real problem :(

After much deliberation I think I may end up selling on the Q9C as due to its design it would need the support across the entire width of the speaker (the driver overextends outside the actual cabinet therefore the bottom isnt actually flat and is raised by legs)

Basically I'll have to go for something like a iQ2C or similar.

Yes you are correct I've asked myself the same question - nobody seems to have thought about a market for a centre speaker at all.


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some manufactures have their own dedicated may be worth contacting kef.

the center speaker stand issue is a pain in the arse,i had to buy a pair of mission stands,one for the speaker and the other to collect dust in the garage


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cheechy said:
Lol looks the business :D

Problem here is that a need a metre high stand and that is the real problem :(


Hi Cheechy
If you still need a single 1m stand, I might be able to help you out as I have 1 spare. As I used the other 1 the mount my pj behind the sofa and sold it with the pj.

I just used a piece of mdf to size, sprayed black and then screwed it to the top plate, when filled with sand it was nice and stable:)


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cheechy said:
Lol so it seems. I'll update when I've seen the solution :D

Did you manage to solve your problem?

I'm in the same boat, no where to place kef centre with plasma :rolleyes:
surely manufacturers should be looking for a solution.

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