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Australia has a new show and its called Top Gear.

The OZ version is basically a direct rip off of our Top Gear. The studio looks identical, they have their own Stig, Star in a Reasonable priced car, Fastest lap board etc. They have even ripped off some of the jokes about the Stig.

The first episode isn't a patch on the UK version and the crowd wasn't as responsive as ours (very few laughs) and as you probably guessed the presenters weren't any where near as good.

I did actually recognise their star in a reasonable priced car as he came in Underbelly (part 4/6). He was an absolute big headed Muppet.

I doubt will recognise the star in episode 2. I fully expect a few neighbours and home and away stars to pop up. :D

If your a car fan fan or a fan of the UK Top Gear it might be worth checking out.

Episode 1 below in 6 parts

BTW I can just see the UK Top gear crew getting the mickey taken out them over the OZ presenters. :rotfl:
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Will check out the first two eps purely because I like car shows. Will probably enjoy it as much as Fifth Gear.


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Enjoyed the second episode. Maybe it was just growing on me.

And as for the star in a bog standard car, it was an actor who was first introduced to the world in the film Mad Max. Yes, unbelievable I know, but they managed to get (Spoiler)
Steve Bisley.

And it looks like Wozza really is as bad a navigator as captain slow. How can you get lost on a single track quarry? :rotfl:


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Quote from 1:25 of the stig driving the porchse

"Coming throug Clarkson curve, whatever that is"

nice touch.

Good to see Charlie Cox doing more stuff,


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Considering how hard to is to actually watch neighbours and home and away in Australia, i doubt they will have many 'stars' from it.


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Well I watched the first episode and it was pretty awful. It seemed to get the banter bit wrong as well as the car info which left little else. Will watch episode 2 though as I have heard it is better.
ive got episodes 1 & 2 but not watched them yet

are they limited to 6 episodes per series over there too

looks very good from the small clips ive seen


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haha, you would think they'd come up with something original, everything is exactly the same, except the presenters, which are worse!

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