top films not on R2

the baron

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i bought my first dvd player over 5 years ago and in that time i have pretty much watched every film i wanted to see on dvd. i was thinking of big films that have not come out on region2 ,you know films that have entered the public consciousness and are aware of.escape to victory is a film that hasnt even made an apperance in this country .what other films havent come out here yet?.


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Cool Hand Luke


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I had to buy Tango & Cash from Europe (Holland I think it was).

(& The Breakfast Club has only just been released in UK)


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Addams Family


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Does anyone know whether the Region 2 release of 'The Breakfast Club' is the same as the Region 1 one.



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Fright Night 2 on any region done properly would be nice. I've not bought the recent region 1 as all reports say that the picture is worse than VHS.

Certain the film was shot wide, but the R1 is full screen. Surely it should be more than just plain old stereo too.

Checked all over the globe, Japan, Korea, Australia, All over Europe, there just isn't anything other than this R1 release. :mad:

Does have nice cover artwork though :D

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