Top, bottom and sides of image missing on Toshiba 32ZP18Q



I recently bought a Toshiba 32ZP18Q (similar to the earlier 32ZP18P) and am very pleased with it, except that the displayed image appears to be zoomed in.

In other words, the edge, top and bottom of the image is missing, from both a Pace DTVA using RGB on Scart 1 and a Toshiba SD220E DVD player using S-Video on Scart 3.

Has anyone else had this problem? What is needed to correct it?

I have used the picture width sliders in the setup menu (why can't I adjust the height for the "Wide" mode?) and set them all the way over to the left. This makes some more of the image visible, but I suspect there is more of the feed that it is not being displayed.

As a concrete example, part of the CBeebies DOG is off the top of the screen. On my old TV there was plenty of picture above the DOG.

I don't want to have to return the TV to the manufacturers - can this be adjusted somehow?

All comments appreciated,



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Assuming that this model is similar to the Tosh 32ZD26P, you will need to access the service menu to alter the relevant parameters. Have a look here for some tips on accessing/using the service menu.

You should concentrate on the WID (width of picture) and HIT (height of picture) parameters, reducing them should solve your problem.

You cannot adjust the height of the picture (in Wide mode) from the user menu, only the service menu will help.

If you've only just bought it, send it back. Although toshiba send out alot of s**t tv's ( I have the same with probs) they are good at replacing them straight away with another.

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