Top 5 Horror movies


Hi, I'm interested in buying a few horror films on DVD.

What are your top 5 horror films from the last couple of years.

Also what about some 'classics' that have been re-released, such as the Dawn of the Dead release.


Alien is a horror/sci-fi film.
Not a classic but worth a watch is Serpent and the Rainbow which I saw at weekend going for round £6.
I do not know if t is available on a disc on its own but The Devil Rides Out is one of my favourites.


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Hmm, thats a hard one as most horror films are just teen slashers so I might have to look into this one but of the top of my head would be:

The Shining
Evil Dead

A Few others worth a mention are

Hills have Eyes
Nightmare on Elm Street

But for a truly horrific experience watch anything made by the wayan brothers :)


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It depends on what your taste in horror is like, e.g. how varied you are willing to be.

My list would have to include the following:

- Cannibal Holocaust (Probably the most extreme horror film, available, that can genuinely horrify those who watch it! Be warned though, it's nasty stuff, and I mean that! :lesson: )

- "Suspiria" or "Deep Red" (Two of Dario Argento's best horrors.)

- Lucio Fulci's "The Beyond" (An Italian classic, of the Video Nasty-era, circa 1980.)

- Ringu (The Japanese version of the "Ring" series. No gore, no sex, almost no violence, and no bad language, but genuinely creepy. Probably best watched on a DVD player, on your own, late at night! Once you've seen it, you'll understand why I suggest this way to watch it.)

- As Garrett said, "The Serpent And The Rainbow" is a superb, and genuinely disturbing horror film. "Poltergeist" is another.

If you can stomach them, check out most of the Tartan Terror or Tartan Asia Extreme titles, like "Freezer", "Audition", "Sympathy For Mr Vengeance" and "A Snake Of June". They are Far Eastern films, with English subtitles, but are worth watching for being so very different form the usual gamut of horror flicks you'll be used to watching.

Hope these suggestions help. :)



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oh yes, "Suspiria" and "Chronos" are good


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some of my fav ones are

A Nightmare on Elm St
Dawn of the Dead

for modern horrors I liked cabin fever :)


Steve T

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A few more than 5 but here we go:

The Ring - Original or US remake, they're both good
Evil Dead
The Shining
Prince of Darkness
The Wicker Man
The Omen
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)
The Night of the Demon
The Masque of the Red Death (creepy Vincent Price action!)
The Fog
The Exorcist


If you want genuinely frightening try "The Haunting" original '60s version now available on R2.


Evil Dead II
Re-Animator (absolute classic)
Killer Klowns from Outer Space
The Changeling (scared the hell out of me as a kid)

You mentioned films from the last few years, but IMO, American horror has been "scream-ised" as of late and is really not my cup of tea. But horror is a fairly diverse genre, so if you mention a few movies that you like, you'd probably get more specific suggestions.

Keep in mind that many recent "re-releases" are actually remakes, and the originals are 99% likely to be better films.

Ed Selley

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Dark Water. Be sure to have clean underwear handy.

tony kop77

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American Werewolf in London
Nightmare on Elm Street series in its time.


Thanks for the great suggestions.

I do like a very wide range of movies from the big budget hollywood movies right through to the more obscure European films.

Anything I should be looking out for in the near future. I have heard of the Dawn/Day of the dead boxset later in the year on R1.

BTW, anyone heard about the new film Shaun of the Dead from the creaters of the fantastic Spaced. Early reviews say this film is very, very good. Genuinly scary with the comedy touches and cultural references that made Spaced so good.

Check it out hear


Top five that's a hard one:eek:

Here are mine (not in any specific order- too hard to choose)

1) Dark Water
2) Day Of The Beast (AKA El Dia de la bestia)
3) Hellraiser
4) Alien
5) Near Dark

would also recomend:-

The Wickerman
Tale Of Two Sisters
The Exorcist
Evil Dead 2 : Dead By Dawn
The Devils Backbone

plenty of good one's to choose from:)


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1. Dead of Night ( Classic )
2. Dawn of the Dead
3. The Shining ( Oooh those twins!! )
4. The Thing
5. An American Werewolf in London


In no particular order:

The Exorcist
American Werewolf In London (Horror / Comedy)
Wrong Turn


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The only recent horror film that i've been impressed with is Haute Tension (AKA Heute Tension/Switchblade Romance). There's an uncut French release (without English subs) and a cut Korean release (with English subs)



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I think most of my top five have been covered.

But how about the superior exorcist sequel, Exorcist 3?

Must have one of the best 'boo!!!' scenes surely:eek: :eek: :eek:


Horror has to be one of my fave genres and most of the best ones (imo) have been covered.....but one film for some reason that scared me sh**less was Demons.
Maybe it was because i was very young and my hormones were up the wall but i remember having flashbacks of some quite disturbing faces!! :eek:


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My Favourite ones are :

Thirteen Ghosts
Resident Evil
Day of the dead
Blade 1 and 2

:devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:


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I really liked House of 1000 corpses, someone has too!!, no really i found this scarey, its unlike anything seen for a while, and its full of nutters. I have seen so many horrors of the years, and i thought this worked.

Dark Water

The Grudge

The Eye

Inner Senses

Evil Dead

Found 'The Cabin' not scary at all !, well made, but not a horror, more mutation, especially as cover states 'scary as hell'

I Wanna see new Dawn of the dead !

most of others mentioned.




I'll second Haute Tension and The Grudge - both groundbreaking in their own way.


Originally posted by SAH
BTW, anyone heard about the new film Shaun of the Dead from the creaters of the fantastic Spaced. Early reviews say this film is very, very good. Genuinly scary with the comedy touches and cultural references that made Spaced so good.

Heard about it? I'm in it! :D (albeit very, very briefly) I was one of the lucky ones who got to be a zombie extra, and if the fun we had on set is any indication, the movie should be an instant cult classic. The comedy is very Spaced-like, and the zombie makeup is very good. (quite disturbing, even)

As a practicing narcissist, I've been checking out most of the SotD sites (in case they use a picture of me ;) ) and the initial reviews are very positive. Plus, SotD has the old-fashioned dumb and slow zombies. What more could you ask for?


Found out about the film on the Spaced website.

Can't wait for it to come out.

Hopefully the DVD will be as good as the Spaced DVDs.


Thirteen Ghosts and The Ring have been 2 of the ones which have scared me most in recent years..

"Thirteen Ghosts" scared you?!?! :confused:

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