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Top 5 BEST DVD Recorders Out there! Under 1200.00 I want one!

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by cocorubs, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. cocorubs


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    I want to buy my wife a DVD Recorder for Christmas.
    Please read what I want below and let me know which one I should get. Homemovies on my CamCorder using 8MM Hi-Fi Tapes are important. I can have a s-cable so I want a DVD Recorder to copy from my camcorder to DVD's!

    I have an Apex 500W DVD Player, I would like the DVD Recorder, Recorded Dvd's to play on this brand of DVD Player if possible.

    I want great quality copies from VHS to DVD. I would prefer the DVD Recorder to have a slot for a VHS tape so I can easily record it to DVD.

    I want one that:

    When it records a DVD, is able to play on almost every DVD Player when recorded.

    Is able to plug in a cable line to and record off of TV.

    Has a hard drive. (not necessary)

    Able to record from your camcorder! Firewire and S-Cable.


    Video Editing, Preferably, but not important.

    Records from VHS to DVD VERY, VERY WELL!

    And Built To Last!!! Most Important.

    If there are any other features that are important, please list them.

    Please post the best brand names an models. Like a Top 5 List or Top 10. Whatever. I want to get a really good one, less than 1200.00!

    Thanks for any replies!
  2. cocorubs


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    I live in Louisiana, USA. I just wanted to let you know. Can anyone please post your top 5 DVD players, Please read my previous post. Very important.
  3. pio5100h

    Active Member

    Nov 30, 2003
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    I personally believe there is no real 'best top 5' DVD recorders.
    What format(s) do you prefer ?
    What brand ?
    DVDR or DVDR+HDD ?
    What is your budget ?
    Are you planning to ever 'get serious' about editing (probably not, reading your post) ?
    Best quality: better skip the 'cheapo' models/brands.
    Read these forums (as I am doing).
    I went for the pioneer 5100h (after having studied/thought about/concerning these issues for quite some time).
    But your needs may or will surely vary.
    There is no (not even near) perfect DVD recorder yet.
    You WILL have to make a choice regarding (supported write) formats.
    I believe I know one thing (by reading these post): you probably can't go wrong with panasonic if you take pricing into consideration.
    Otherwise (price no real issue) any other major reliable! brand will do fine: pioneer, sony, JVC.
    The new Panasonic E100 and Pioneer 5100h/510h(US) are prime candidates if you go for a DVD+HDD combo.

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