Top 10 Netflix Food Shows & Comments

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Agree with No.1 - I absolutely love The Chef Show...there are some great appearances from Favreau's celeb mates as well as 'proper' foodies.

I'd also recommend Amazon Prime Video, as at the moment they have plenty of food series - especially Anthony Bourdain, who was always worth watching, even his 'A Cook's Tour' series from as far back as 2002.
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I'll check some of these out, I've only clocked a couple of episodes of Street Food so far.


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Lovin the Taco chronicles, inspiring beer food which is always important IMO and saving my sanity.
Chefs Table amazing but beyond my level of competence.
currently watching Restaurants on the edge- amazing locations bit less instructional cooking though.
There was also a program called unique eats on the cooking channel a wee while ago that surfaced again and disappeared. Be worth seeking out.


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Chef Show is brilliant.

Also well done for spotting Ugly Delicious......oh


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I used to love the David Chang shows like Ugly Delicious but they have gone downhill over time. The one he did with Seth Rogan was painful.


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Watching The Chef Show has wrecked my wallet. It gave me some major cravings which I caved to.


If you are a bit curious of Indian food and its culture/history, "Raja, Rasoi Aur Anya Kahaniyaan" is a wonderful series. Its an Indian series made in english exploring the diversity of Indian cusine.


Yeah, I watch loads of Anthony Bourdain on Prime.

RIP Anthony :(
I came here to post something very similar, very sorely missed.

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