Top 10 Blu-rays (UK) for May 2022

Jessica Noir

Well-known Member
WTF/10 is exactly the score I hope to see a lot more of.


Well-known Member
Great column, as always. I have Enter the Void pre-ordered. I remember being disappointed in it when it came out because of the dreadful acting and the 'Lego' fly-over sequences of Tokyo which I remember looking pretty naff. Still, lots to enjoy as well if memory serves...(!)

Russ 66

Distinguished Member
I can't wait for Wyrwood Apocalypse, loved the first one.


Active Member
Thanks for the update! Only 3 for me off the list - The Boy Behind the Door, Vampyr & the Wyrmwood boxset.


Well-known Member
The only film I have pre-ordered for May in regular blu ray is 'Hero' (88 Films) starring Yuen Biao and Takeshi Kaneshiro and which looks like a super fun film.

Jim Di Griz

Distinguished Member
if there’s nothing for you here then maybe physical media is no longer for you...

That was the case for me...until you got to no.1! Waiting for a 4K though for that noir classic.


Distinguished Member
im waiting for the barnes noble Criterion half price sale and grab it then along with the other 4k criterion releases out this year

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