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Afternoon laddles and jellyspoons :thumbsup: i know nothing about computers what so ever so i thought i would ask a general question about thier working speeds, (suppose i had better add some comuter details)
it is a :
HP Pavilion on the side of the computer it has 2 stickers 1st:- windows XP home edition 2nd:- microsoft works 8, om the front it has stickers saying AMD 64 Athlon, graphics by ATi radion xpress 200

i regularly update using microsofts web site and have in my last update i added windows live onecare.

my question is this, when i first got the computer it used to start very fast, you know press the button and within a minute you were away, i know my computer is getting on a bit now but its still working ok, only problem is i can now turn it on walk away turn the kettle on and make a brew and get back just in time for the computer to be ready for use.

i know its old, i know that over time it stores a lott of info, but should it be this slow? i took it to my local repair shop (who mannaged to lose half my documents :thumbsdow) and all they said was its too old mate we have a nice new selection here :rolleyes:

any advice? any one recomend a good and reliable computer technition near Worksop.

many spanx Tony


Back up your files and do a fresh install. If your still not happy with the speed then buy a new pc.

Truth be known your hardware is very old and could do with updating. :)


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The only things I can think about is running CC cleaner CCleaner - Home To get rid of unnecessary files and registry entries and to get rid of any start at start up programs that you don't really need to do so.

Then the usual disc error checking (right click C: > Properties > Tools tab > under error checking check now > make sure both the boxes are ticked "automatically fix file system errors" and "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors".

After the computer does that then get a defragment (Tools tab again second option defragment now then just the defragment button.)

Those both take quite a while so something you should do when you don't need the computer.

If none of that works then a fresh reinstall of XP it will have to be.

Of course your computer is quite old and components do start to degrade in performance after so many years so you have to expect it at some point.

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Age has nothing to do with it! A computer is like a bedroom, if you don't vacuum, tidy-up and keep things in a fair order then you end up with a mess where nothing can be found.

So, just like a room you have to sweep it clean (anti-virus), keep things in order (defrag) and get rid of the rubbish (Ccleaner).

Also, keep the registry in order.

All the best :)


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You have probably got a load of startup programs, and not enough onboard memory to manage them all hence why windows is taking so long to load.

Disable all non essential apps from the startup . go to MSconfig to do this.

Or just reformat and reinstall Windows.

If it were me I would do the latter.

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Probably wise to re-install as others have suggested...

However once you have a fresh install, try to keep it fresh ... Run ccleaner and schedule perfectdisk 10 to defrag everyday...

Also with some tweaking of services my Athlon XP 2500 media PC boots faster than my i7 - enough said.

Alternatively install a grown up operating system :D
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thanks for the replies, have tried a clean up and a defrag, still mega slow so it looks like i will have to try a re-install. again thanks for the help

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