Tool bars in PowerPoint are grey and can’t be accessed.

Discussion in 'Computer Software & Operating Systems' started by BertalanPeter, Apr 10, 2016.

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    For the last few days I have been attempting to trouble shoot an issue one of
    our sales team has. When I am in a remote assistance session her ppt files
    open and load fine in PowerPoint 2003 (part of office 2003 pro). When I
    disconnect from remote assistance and she opens her ppt file it only opens
    the first slide and all the top tool bars in PowerPoint are grey and can’t be
    The steps I have taken are as follows:
    Opened the offending ppt files on other machines they also do not seem fine.
    Ran a repair on office 2003 from add/remove programs.
    Installed the office 2007 compatibility pack although only some of the
    PowerPoint files were pptx.
    I have searched the web high and low for a solution for this and can’t find
    one single case with the same issues. I myself have never seen this before.
    The user is a local admin on her laptop.
    Office2003SP3 is installed.
    I have to add that there are no errors or warnings in event viewer.
    Has anyone seen anything like this?

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