Took the plunge and bought a JVC DMR1 recorder, help needed setting up system


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Just bought a jvc dr-m1 and took delivery today, now my friend set all my system up and hes out of the country for a few days and I'm not not sure how it all goes together...

I have a fujitsu plasma, and sony strb940 amp, pioneer dvd player and sky (not +), plus a vhs machine I'll be using to archive some opld tapes. can someone advise on what to connect to what, is it just as simple as using a scart to connect to the recorder from the sky box, and a scart to connect the vhs to the recorder, and then either a optical or coax cable from the recorder to the tv input on the amp.

any help would be must appreciated, thanks in advance



I have my Sat Receiver connected to L-2 using a Scart to S-Video (S-Video is the best quailty you can feed the DR-M1). And the component output is connected to my 37PA20. This way you can feed progressive scan pictures to the plasma screen and terrestrial TV or anything input thro' L-2 can be converted to progressive scan.


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hi thanks, ok I will need to buy a scart to svideo lead havent got one of those at home unfortunatley, would I use a coax lead from the recorder to the tv in on the sony amp then? I have everything on the floor at the mo and nothings making much sense to me keep going over what i've done and not looking it at logically!!


Can you post a list of connections on all your kit, or a block diagram. I can help you sort it out.


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hi 888 welll hopefully this will mean something to you....

sky receiver (Grundig)
connected to tv scart on receiver - plasma screen by phono lead to scart into sky (fujitsu plasma)
vcr scart socket is connected to L2 scart socket on jvc recorder

2 x phono lead from audio out to audio in on sony amp
how to do I connect to recorder?

DVD player
s video out to svideo in on amp
coxial dvd out to dvd coxial in on amp

Does that make sense, now the booklet shows to connect the sky up I take the vcr scart socket from the receiver to the L2 socket on the recorder then the L1 socket on the recorder to be fed with the scart that is currently running from my plasma. I want to be able to record sky, is this the best way to do it?

I want to record some old vhs tapes and transfer a wedding video over to dvd, where/how do I connect that up to the dvd recorder.because looking at my list both scarts have been used on the recorder.

Lastly I wont really be using recorder as a stand alone player, but just in case I do can I just use an optical cable to a spare in on the amp, plus some phono's for the sound to the amp.

would appreciate any help, appreciate that theres alot there.

thanks for looking


Hi Stolt:

A little confused by your description. Please correct me if I have mis-read the following:

a) TV - 1 x Scart (is this RGB enabled?). Any other scarts or s-videos or RCA (Red+White+Yellow Phono connector) ? Also, does it have component input?

b) Existing DVD player (S-Video and Co-Axial), any other type available?

c) VCR 2 x Scarts? RGB or just composite?

It may be best if you list the connections as follows (BTW the follow closely resembles my connections), e.g.

TV – AV1 Scart (RGB, S-Video or Composite)
AV2 Scart (S-Video or Composite)
AV3 S-Video or Composite Phonos (note on front of TV)
AV4 Scart (RGB, S-Video or Composite) or Component Input

DR-M1 – L1 Scart (RGB output only, S-Video and Composite), or Component
L2 Scart (S-Video or Composite)

VCR - Composite Input (via 3 phonos), Composite Output (via 3 phonos)

Amp - Co-axial or Optical input

DVD Player - S-Video or Scart (RGB), Audio Coaxial Out, Audio Phono Out (Red + WHite Phonos)


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Hi 888 I'll go through them again tonight, how can I tell if the scart is RGB enabled?
Like you say best thing to do is list the connections on all the equipment, you might have a better way of doing it than it's set up currently. Think I'm way over my head on this one!

the plasma I have is an old fujitsu one from that has phono leads from it that go into a phono connector and on the other side is a phono lead which goes into a scart into the sky box, not sure if it's a normal setup as I say a friend did it and he's not an expert on HC stuff either.


Best thing to do is to look in the manual to see if the scart is RGB enable. Do you have a model number for your plasma? May be worthwhile looking up the website for info as well.


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888, I'll have a look when I get home, thanks once again for the time taken to answering my questions..


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ok here goes... copied directly from the manuals

Plasma connections
rgb input terminal (RGB INPUT/mD-sub)
component video input
s-video input terminal

also have something called a rgb synchronization switch (manual says this switch is used to terminate pins 13 & 14of the RGB terminal with 75 ohms respectively for receiving horizontal and vertical synchronization signals, then has switch to ttl for sending rgb signals from pc to the rgb terminal or switch to analog 75 ohms for sending analog synchronization signals to the rgb terminal.

dvd player
scart av connector (rgb)-tv jack
audio out jacks phono
s-video out jack
video out jack (looking at the manual looks like a phono connection)
digital out optical jack
digital out coaxial jack

vcr recorder
2 scart sockets
(line 1 in/decoder manual says connect to sky)
(line 2 in/out manual says connect to tv)
plus two phono audio outs

Sony stb940 amp
this has loads of connections ( prob too numerous to list) but will list a few....

on the amp under connections it has,
optical in for various things such as cd/md, dvd, & tv
one optical out
one dvd coaxial in
s-video in for various equipment x 4
phono connections for various equipment x 4

plus the jvc recorder which you already have

hope that makes a bit more sense, look forward to your reply.

many thanks



Hi Stolt,

I can see why you're having problems!

First thing, I cannot see any type of audio inputs on the TV so I can presume that you don't have any and that all audio will be feed through the Amp. In which case I won't give any guidance as it should be fairly easy to figure out.

Second, do you really want to keep your old DVD player? Because you only have a limited option of video connections on your Plasma screen. I personnally do not like fedding video into an AMP and having relays switch the video signals around as degradation of the signal is always guaranteed (it's due to matching of cables and connectors). It is much better to feed from the source directly into the display.

Also, am I correct that the RGB input on Plasma is not of a Scart type connection. If so, I would advise you not to use it as making the wrong connections here can damage your display.

I will outline two methods below with and without your old DVD player.

WITH Old DVD Player:-

1. a) Connect Old DVD Player S-Video on Plasma
1. b) Connect JVC Component out to Component In on Plasma
1. c) Connect Sky Scart Out to L2 IN on JVC
1. d) Connect VCR Scart Out to Front Input (F-1) of the JVC

Just some notes on the above for:

1. c) You will be restricted in watching SKY with the JVC switched ON. I do not see how you can get around this without using the additional RGB connection on the Plasma. You can Set L2 on the JVC to S-Video if your SKY Box supports it and this will give you the best picture. The advantages of watching SKY through the JVC is that you can turn ON progressive scan on the JVC (and if your Plasma supports it) and this will give you a rock steady picture.

1. d) I presum this is for occassional dubbing and that it can be disconnected when not in use. The cable you use for connecting the VCR to the F-1 inputs on the JVC depends on the signals support by yur VCR. If it supports S-Video then I would use a Scart to S-Video + 2 audio phono leads.

WITHOUT Old DVD Player:-

2. a) Connect JVC Component out to Component In on Plasma
2. b) Connect VCR Scart Out to Front Input (F-1) of the JVC
2. c) If your SKY decoder has a second S-Video signal (maybe on another scart socket) then connect this to the S-Video on the Plasma. This way you can watch SKY without having the JVC turned on.

There is a lot there for someone not familar with signal types and I would like to say that the above are recommendations only. The final set-up will depend on what signals you have the number of new cables you are prepared to buy and easy of use (having JVC turn ON to watch SKY etc).

Unless your old DVD player is a top notch recent model I would bet that the JVC will out perform it using the component connection (especially if you have progress scan on your Plasma). I find the picture on the JVC is a little soft but the colour, depth and contrast of the picture is excellent.

Final word about cables. I would not skimp here and buy cheap £10 a piece jobs. Figure sending £25-£40 for Scart and S-video and £40-£60 for component. You'll see the difference if you compared cheap and pricey cables side by side.

Let me know if the above works out or if you have more questions.


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Hi 888, thanks very much for the reply, ideally I wanted to keep my dvd player (its a m/r pioneer 444) i dont think the JVC is multi region that I've bought so I wont be able to play any USA discs..

yes your correct about the rgb input on the plasma, no scart I'm afraid.
with regards to c) I'll have to check my sky box supports the s-video port, I dont mind having the recorder on to watch sky, but It may cause me a problem on tvs in other parts of the house because I have those sky link thingys so to watch tv upstairs I have to go downstairs and turn the jvc on to watch sky upstairs, I dont suppose one of those scart switching blocks are going to be any good or use to me, I see a cheap one for £10 in asda which coudl take upto four scarts?

with regards to d) yes I will only use it on the few occasions to dub tapes over to the dvd so wouldnt mind having to use the front inputs.

thanks very much again,having it wrote down like that does make it alot easier to follow, need to have a look at cables now and see what I need.

edit... just had a look on the sky box, no s video sockets on there or on the vcr!

just one more thing since I've sent my recorder back, what connectors are the f-1 connectors on the front panel of the recorder - phono connectors? just so I can order the right ones.


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well just an update on my jvc recorder, been told after I chased skybuy t3 times this morning about a replacement for the broken one I originally had that they had all sold out and they will credit me.. took them two weeks, the so called manager Lyle was so rude I'm shaking with anger, basically saying that there is no more and that they have done what I asked (as in trying to find me another one) and they can do no more, I asked for a replacement and they have tried to source one, it's took them nearly two weeks, and that is it, said it can takes 5 days for a refund, although credit card company said that they can dispute it for me.... worse company I've ever dealt with and very rude would never ever deal with again, in fact I think i've had a lucky escape, can just image the problems if it went wrong 6 months down the line. I wouldnt mind but I phoned yesterday and a girl said I'd get delivery later this week

Would love to complain in writing but I doubt it would be worth my while, oh well need to find another supplier now or maybe another type of machine.

888, thanks very much for your time and help on sorting the cables out, If I still manage to get a jvc it wiill still come in handy.


Hi Stolt,

Sorry to hear about the troubles. Looking around at the new products and prices I would be tempted towards the Panasonic DMR-E55 or E65. Richersounds are doing multi-region ones for £229.95. You should be able to get JL to pricematch them.

Unless you desparately need the DVI input you should be able to live without the E65. I have tried only once to dub using the DVI port and the results were better then doing it using a PC. But I doubt it would be much better than dubbing using s-video (which I did not try, I borrowed a DV camcorder from a friend for a day).


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yeah I originally had the e65 in mind but saw the jvc at that price and went for it, didn't realise the e65 was out yet. definatley wanted the dv input, the only reason I wanted a dvd recorder oh and plus tranfering vhs over to disc. for the recording from sky was secondary thought it may come in handy at some stage.
once again thanks for all your help and effort. god knows where I'd have been without you breaking it all down for me.

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