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I have been offered a great deal on the Bryston 6B SST - 300 w/ch at 8 ohms x 3. My problem is that I will be matching whatever amp I purchase with a pair of standmounts as my front L/R. The two front runners right now are the Revel M20s, which do not have a recommended power listing, and the B&W Nautilis 805s, for which 50-120 w/ch at 8 ohms are recommended - does the 6B SST have too much power for these speakers?

You can't have too much power. You can have too little power though, which is far more likely to damage your speakers.
Not that you need me to say it given the above posts, but yes it would sound wonderful!

Lets make a deal, you send me the 6B SST and I send you 3 Powerpacs 120, better, I will send you 4, deal... :confused:

This way you have the right watts, and a spare power... ;)
The only thing better than REAL power is some more REAL power!

Ok - the 6B SST was sold to someone else, but now I have the taste of real power and do not want to go back down. Does anyone have any experience with the Proceed HPA 3 - retails about the same as 6B SST, but I can get it less than a year old for half retail, pristine condition. Are Bryston's that much better? - or should I save my money and put it to a different use in the system? Thanks.
I've used the HPA3 for several demo's and installs. It's certainly a very capable amplifier. Never had the chance to compare it with a Bryston. It's the best HC power amp i've heard though.

Certainly worth listening to.:)
Personally I think 600w is the ideal power amp size. :)
Personally I think 900w is the ideal for microwaves.
And 1500w for vacuum cleaners. ;)
Originally posted by ReTrO
Personally I think 900w is the ideal for microwaves.
And 1500w for vacuum cleaners. ;)

What do you recommend for spin speeds on washing machines? ;)

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