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Aug 30, 2003
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I last bought a TV 10+ years ago and the choice now seems vast and having trouble narrowing things down, I’ve been scouring reviews but wonder if anyone can advise in my search for a new TV.

I sit about 9-10 feet away
Moderately bright room but easy to darken.
Mainly watch Sky, Netflix etc. I watch a lot of sport
Don’t play any games
Sound is not important as I have a separate av amp and speakers.
Looking for 75” screen or thereabouts.
TV will be wall mounted.
I did buy an LG tv for another room that suffers from the soap opera effect so that makes me a bit anxious of LG TV’s
My budget is up to £3k

All advice welcome
Soap opera effect can be avoided on all modern TVs, but some people like to have a bit of motion interpolation to reduce stutter, which does bring SoE. It's a case of choosing your poison.
You want to go as high in the guide as you can. Probably OLED is over budget, so it will likely be between the Samsung QN94A or Sony X95J. The Samsung is really over the better TV, but the Sony is no slouch either if you want to buy a TV that has very good motion.
Wow thanks for the super fast reply. I did read your guide and the
LG OLED77B1 and the Sony 77A80J, 77A83J, 77A84J OLEDs are probably in budget.
Even better, the Sony A80J, 83, 84 are all the same TVs. They may have a different design or feature set but the same picture quality.
Can't go wrong with either. Really depends on which pros and cons you like and dislike the best about both TVs.

Picture quality is very similar, although there's more of a chance at 77" the Sony is using LGs new panel design compared to the LG. For LG+new panel design you need the G1.
I’m leaning towards the Sony as picture quality maybe marginally better according to reviews and smoother motion.
Just put a 77A80J in my mates got a price match with j lewis for £2880 . It looks absolutely stunning on 4k netflix and 4k bluray

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