Too loud/not loud enough dependant on listeners - watching TV


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I have a question and wasn't sure where to post it...

My grandma is getting a little hard of hearing and it's causing problems for my granddad when watching tv/films etc. as when it is comfortable for my granddad it is not loud enough for my grandma and when it is loud enough for her it's a bit too loud for him.

They have a surround sound amp and speakers which I'm sure has various outputs etc. would headphones be the only answer- using a set of headphone for one of the to lower or raise the sound level accordingly?

Any advice would be great as I know close to nothing about headphones.

Thank you in advance :thumbsup:


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So long as there's a headphone jack on the amp, sure. This would pretty much be one of those plug n play situations.

Wouldn't spend too much for this, just something comfortable. And you'd probably need an extra long cord.

Failing that, Teletext? captions?

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