Too good to be true?


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Whois doesn't tell you much, apart from this domain was only created on the 30th November. IMO, don't go anywhere near it. :)

theo cupier

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From a quick google search I found this site:
WARNING: Please be aware that the fake banks, lotteries and companies on this list are used by dangerous criminals. We don't encourage anyone to engage in any form of communications with them. If you chose to communicate with them, for whatever reasons, you will be doing so at your own risk.

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Id 11579
I am only providing this for information, I cannot claim to know about the accuracy of this website's info, but it was the only website mentioning listed on Google that was not simply linking to a sale listing on the site.


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They've got a PS3 for €250 too...


Somehow I doubt they'll stick around very long... a very suspect company.

So blatent as welll... :suicide:


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It's definetly a con. You can barely get a core consol for that price, let alone a premium with 10 games.

If it sounds too good to be true, it always is...


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You are all right. I think we should delete this thread in case any unsuspecting fool decides to take the plunge. I would feel too guilty.


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No way! We're here to stop them taking plunge. EVERYONE READING THIS THREAD: YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.




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lol have u seen the other stuff on order?

they can even scam you out of HUGE amounts of money with their 'bulk orders'... ipod nanos at 60 euros lol

theo cupier

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Why not ask this lady, she seems to be the sole listed contact for the domain:

Louise Warner ([email protected])
PSC 76 Box 5367
APO, AP 96319
Quite what someone with that address is doing running a retail website out of Italy, I don't know.

According to Google, that phone number is owned by the Warner family of 1957 REDCOACH RD, ALLISON PARK, PITTSBURG, PA.

Anyone have any contacts on AVS who could look them up?


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LOL I cant stop smiling at the dodgy abstract person in the logo moving left to right, right to left lol its so crap.

the images are very bad as well, really dont buy from them.

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