Too fat to get fit and its no longer funny


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Help is wanted as now getting desperate
Im 35 (36 in may) im 5ft10 and around 16 stone

Im so unfit its depressing (actually is depressing, really gets me down)
Running down stairs sees me badly out of breath, sweating and with pounding heart
I have the shortest of short tempers, sleep very little and catch every cold and bug going

Its all my own fault, eat too much, snack too much and exercise never, however its now got to stage that i just cant see how to fix it. Anything more than a 20 minute or so dawdle sees me feeling ill. We have kinect on the 360, i tried a couple of the fitness games and found myself sat on sofa within 10 minutes feeling as if my chest was about to burst

It really is getting me down and really do need help
Im getting married in october and would love to be healthier and fitter, loose at least two inches from my 38 inch waste and same for my 50 inch chest.

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Its all my own fault, eat too much, snack too much and exercise never, however its now got to stage that i just cant see how to fix it.
You already know the answer. No amount of exercise will cause you to lose weight if you keep over eating. Cut your calorie intake to 1500 a day and you will lose the weight fast, faster with little exercise.


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Eat less, eat health(ier),drink lots of water.Move more.Walk upstairs rather than take the lift.If you can, park further from work and walk that extra distance.If you use public transport , get off one or two stops before your stop and walk.Go swimming?Ride a bike?
First off, I would go see the Doc and ask their advice.If you really are in that much discomfort after 10 minutes it may be an idea to get a checkup


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Cheers. I guess im just after finding out im not alone and for support / hand holding

I dont drive so its walk or bike to get to work and have instructed other half to stop buying chrisps, chocolates and biscuits so guess thats a start.


What about cycling? You need to do CV but if your weight is on your ankles that makes it hard (heard of a lady who breaks her ankles) But with a pushbike that means weight is spread on your backside and legs.

You could get a indoor bike, but may get lazy. If you're 20 miles from home on a bike, then the only way to get home is to cycle it and not just jump off.

Start off small shops and back, maybe to next town (closest town) and back.


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I don't believe in fad diets (the relapse is inevitable) or unrealistic portion control (I'm a grown adult thank you, not a 5 year old child). Nothing necessarily wrong with eating too much as it depends on what and how often measured against you level of activity; am continuously eating myself but do go out running every second day

Within the above, I include any advice that involves cutting calories to 1500 or some other arbitrary figure. It is unrealistic and unhealthy. The normal Joe is just trying to do better by themselves, not squeeze into a ballerina outfit. The first step to going backwards when setting out to lose weight is by starving yourself. Guaranteed.

Think at the beginning you will have to aim small and block out the world. If 20 minutes is what you can manage then 20 minutes it is. It won't be just 20 minutes forever, so long as you persevere. Little and often will be the key.

You need to find an activity that interests you, be it walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, indoor rock climbing or whatever, to retain the motivation. Don't get into something that you know you will be bored of two weeks later. You can always mix up your routine

Those individual lifestyle changes will also be key as they will add up. Walk instead of the lift. Walk instead of the car for an insignificant task. Do the washing up by hand instead of the washing machine even. Brush your teeth at 9pm to avoid late night snacking (credit to another AVF member for that one)

With the supermarket shop the best thing you can do is avoid certain aisles entirely. So that is the savoury and confectionery aisle out. If you don't buy then you will not be snacking on such things at home!

Congratulations on the engagement


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First things first - what you want is entirely possible. The good news is that achieving it is entirely within your control. The bad news is that achieving it is entirely up to you. ;)

There are two main things to focus on: diet (as in what you eat, not dieting) and exercise. An appropriate diet is far more important than exhausting yourself with an exercise routine. Instructors have told me that improving your appearance is 75-80% about what you eat, and only 20-25% about what exercise you do. It's worth bearing that in mind, as most people have a mindset that they can continue to eat what they want as long as they exercise. That will not work in a weight loss scenario.

You need to bring some structure to your eating routines. Don't try cutting out everything - the best thing you can do is start keeping a food diary initially. Write down every single thing you eat through the day. Leave nothing out - chances are you will be surprised when you add it up just how many calories you are taking in.

Losing weight - specifically, losing FAT - is about two things: consuming less calories, and being more active. A good ballpark to aim for is to take in 12 calories per pound of bodyweight - for you that is around 2700 calories a day. To lose weight, you can cut roughly 500 calories per day off this - so you can aim for an intake of 2200 calories per day. This would allow you to lose 1lb a week (1lb fat = ~3500 calories), but in all likelihood you will lose a lot more than this in the early stages.

A huge aid with this, rather than cutting down on what you do eat, is to evaluate your diet and try to improve it. Macronutrient intake refers to the level of proteins, carbohydrates and fats that you consume. A poor diet will be high in carbs and "bad" fats, and low in proteins and "good" fats. A good diet will be high in protein and have a reasonable balance of carbs to good fats. The ratio many people try to aim for here is 40 protein : 30 carb : 30 fat.

Don't feel lost here - this will all sound like double-dutch initially. As I said, the very best thing you can do is track what you currently eat by taking a note of it, and familiarising yourself with labels showing the nutritional content of foods. If you have a smartphone there is a very useful app called MyFitnessPal which helps you to track your progress and record calorie intake. Chances are you will find your current intake is something like 60 carb : 25 fat : 15 protein. It's still possible to lose weight on this kind of ratio, provided you reduce your calories so you are burning more than you are taking in. However improving your diet will have many positive repercussions for you - you will look better, recover from exercise faster, feel stronger and you will have a healthier body. Further, as you exercise your metabolism will be boosted so you will actually burn fat faster, so it's a cycle of improvement in every respect.

In the short term, focus on what you take in, and be honest with yourself or you will have failed before you have begun. Once you know what you are dealing with, you will be able to make changes. It's not a quick process - any of the quick diet options you see will not work for you long-term, and in fact can cause you to end up getting worse. October this year is a more than reasonable timescale for you to lose a load of fat and feel a thousand times better about yourself.

Finally, I would urge you to join the lads on this thread here: http://www.avforums.com/forums/general-chat/1524465-do-you-work-out-could-you-do-motivation-iv.html

Working with people going through the same thing as you is invaluable and will really help to motivate you. Remember that you don't need to turn into a spandex-clad Mr Motivator type - focus on the food you eat and build the exercise slowly - something like one of those routines to work you up to running 5k would be perfect for you.
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Mate, it's never too late. About 2 years ago I was pushing 21 stone and desperately unfit, I did no exercise whatsoever and felt how you do now, granted I am a fair bit younger than you but I dropped down to 12 and a bit stone inside 8 months. It's hard, very hard, but now I would consider myself fit, and although I've put on more weight than I would have like over the last few weeks, I have the confidence to know I can drop it all off again with the right diet and a bit of exercise.
Hardest thing I found was the mental side, eating right and sticking at it. First few weeks are a nightmare but just remember why you're doing it and it'll come.

Some tips though:
1) Count your calories, set a target and don't go over it like your life depends on it, mine was 1200 a day and I managed to eat loads of low calorie food on that, roughly averaging about 1100 on most days.
2) Don't eat after around 8pm, hardest one for me, but I found it very important.
3) Exercise, even if it's only for half hour a day, something is better than nothing.
4) Track your progress, at first I was losing like 6KG a week on good weeks, that dropped right down towards the end, but jumping on the scales every week and seeing progress really does spur you on.
5) Be strong, you can do it.


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Very good advice already.

Of course it's stating the blinkin' obvious, but just start moving a bit more ... it won't be too long before you notice a difference in yourself.

Just had a total hip replacement - am about a couple of months short of 40 but this was a 21 year old problem (arthritic joint / messed up femoral head) which reached a tipping point this year when exercise was getting too painful and I was then getting progressively unfit and out of shape, putting more strain on my hip. Now 5 weeks after the op and happily exercising very simply every day, I feel very good, and don't break into a sweat from a 30 min two mile walk. On Christmas Day I did a 3 mile walk in the morning (certainly did break into a sweat - was knackered!) and eat nothing in the evening to make up for the gluttony. Usually have some comedy playing on the iPod (Gervais/Pilkington, Adam & Joe, Partridge, Down The Line, Hitchhikers, etc.).

Also ... if there are any bad habits like fags, you know what you should do :)


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I am determined to do more and your help and support is great
We have joined the national trust to give us something to do

Guess i use work as an excuse, work 6 on 4 off, two earlies, two lates and two nights, so tend to find im often tired


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I'd also suggest giving up forums. ;) I'm sure the reason my weight has been creeping up is that I spend far too long sat around half watching TV and reading/typing on my laptop. I then seem to run out of time for things I should be doing.:blush: I've got a few projects coming up in the new year, so that should help me to limit. Now if there was a way to read on the forums while I exercised maybe that would help relieve the boredom and maybe you too.

Either way, best of luck and as someone else said, consider seeing your Doc to discuss you general health first.


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Do you eat a lot of bread? I found that cutting down (if not out completely)helped me.
If you can, take packed lunches to work.Its too easy to cave in and buy junk(well it is for me anyway).

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Within the above, I include any advice that involves cutting calories to 1500 or some other arbitrary figure. It is unrealistic and unhealthy. The normal Joe is just trying to do better by themselves, not squeeze into a ballerina outfit. The first step to going backwards when setting out to lose weight is by starving yourself. Guaranteed.
Whether or not 1500 calories a day is unrealistic is up to the OP. I don't believe 1500 a day (plus some of those tens of thousands of calories of fat hes carrying) is unheathy either. Many normal people live quite happily on between 1500 and 2000 calories a day, anyway once he loses the weight he can raise his calorie intake to what is needed.

He can not diet he will not do any exercise so now he just needs to froce himself cut down on the calories. Deny your present self for the benefit of your future self.


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Saldawop said:
Do you eat a lot of bread? I found that cutting down (if not out completely)helped me.
If you can, take packed lunches to work.Its too easy to cave in and buy junk(well it is for me anyway).
Yeah, loads

Due to shifts and like its easy

On earlies i only ever have one meal, about six in evening and at work ill have bar chocolate and bag chrisps

On lates ill have four weetabix and four pieces of toast before work, then one bag chrisps at work

On nights, tend to have a good meal around lunch time, midday before the night shift, then thats all

On rest days its dependent on what other half works, but tends to be four weetabix or porridge for breakfast then a cooked tea


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Holy carbs Batman! That is something you need to address. Cut those down and replace with something like fruit.

4 Weetabix and 4 toast followed by crisps is not good.
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I always used to take in a wrap(wholewheat+white) with a chicken breast and lots of salad.Would also eat lots of natural yoghurt with strawberries.Maybe an apple as well.That would last me through work....also would take 1L of water in with me as well.
Chicken was my main food(I don't like fish unless its deep fried Cod).

Avoid stuff like Salad Dressing and Mayonnaise,unless you really cannot stand it without...if you make it so you are not enjoying eating, you will crack.And depending on for resolve you may find it difficult to get back on track.

Also, I always found it helpful to have a cheat day where I would eat whatever I wanted....in moderation.And the longer I stuck at it, I always found that even my cheat day got healthier.


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I completely get where you are coming from, I'm currently the biggest i have ever been, (although i'd kill to be your weight right now:laugh:), i don't think i look as big as i am having watched stuff like the biggest loser etc on the telly (Yep sitting there watching TV, i know i know:lesson:) but even so i weight 27stone :thumbsdow

This started once i left a fairly active job to one that had me spending most of my day in a van driving, basically sitting doing sod all, all day long with a little bit of movement in between. It then spiralled out of control to where i am now.

I find it extremely hard now, its the thought that i need to lose half of my body weight to be near to my ideal weight for my height (6ft), i'd never be stick thin as my build is naturally bigger than that but even so i just feels like its so un achievable. I'm under no illusion that this is no ones fault but my own, I'm the pig that ate all this food. Problem is, i can force myself to eat salad but thats just it, I'm forcing myself. I don't enjoy it, its slightly better with a dressing on it but that goes back to the high fat (and flavoured) foods again.

Im attempting to start a new healthier diet in january and do my best to stick to it this time, I'm already a member of a gym that i haven't been to for 6mths + so will try to go there as often as i can. Again i totally agree with the shift working side of it, I'm the kind of person that like to get into a routine and stick to it, but the shift i work makes going to the gym hard some weeks and impossible others.

Well good luck to you, i'll be watching your thread so please update with progress you make as I'm sure it'll help me and other in a similar situation.


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Sons great advice on here already and I have to echo counting calories.

One other tip is to stop eating from machines and shops. Try and plan ahead what you are going to eat on shift that is within your calorie targets and spend 5 mins before prepping it and throwing in a lunch box. Think fruit, salads, healthy whole meal based sandwiches etc. I do this every day and it takes minutes.
Not only will it stop you hitting unhealthy snacks it will save you a fortune !! :)


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Running down stairs sees me badly out of breath, sweating and with pounding heart
That ain't right. See your GP.

If he won't do it for you, pay for an ECG.

And pay for a blood test on your cholesterol, full analysis.

And between them, they should scare the living beJeezus out of you, which always help motivate a dieter.

(and if you can't get what you want in the UK, book a cheap week in France and get a French GP to sort it for you).

Then, when you've had the living daylights scared out of you, I know my GP would recommend the three Ps diet. You don't eat pasta potato and bread (penne, pomme de terre and pain in french, hence the three p's) Other than that, pretty much anything you like.

But your missus to be loves you the way you are, so that is cool.


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The one thing I recommend to anyone wanting to get fit is to use Calorie Counter | Free Online Diet Program | Nutrition Data or a similar free website.

You start up by giving your weight, height and level of normal activity. You set yourself a target, it gives you a target calorie intake per day and then everyday you enter what you ate and what activity you did. Aim to reach the calorie deficit it gave you.

If you don't eat enough, eat too much or bad stuff it's no good. So do things right.


I can't wait to be 16 stone. I have lost 8.5 stone this year and still well over 16. I have been on around 1200 calories (not set in stone) and it lost me on average 3 pounds a week. I have had this week off but haven't gone mad and will start again on Monday.

My main weaknesses are bread, cheese and milk. There is plenty of low calorie/low fat alternatives of things like salad cream/mayonnaise. I like soup and started making my own plus the Tesco's Eat Smart range which has 50% or less salt of regular tinned soups;

After I lost a few stone, I started walking and can do 5 miles a day easy now (takes about 2 hours). It is only the weather and time of day that restricts how much I can do.


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Celery is the cure to my snacking. To begin with it tastes awful, but stick (See what I did there?) with it and it's awesome to cure a case of the nibbles.

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