Tony HAwls Pro 4 - I just cant do a combo - Please help


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I can do a grind combo linking with a manual, but cant do one with flip/grab tricks.

I get air
I doa trick
B4 landing I revert

I then do another trick, but its not a combo.

Am I supposed to do a manual somewhere in there if so where?

Also, Im stuck on the variable mctwist

the icons show <>+O. You cant press <> at the same time so what is it asking for?


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You only need to press revert after you land a trick from a quarter pipe. If you do a trick like a kickflip, you need to manual (press up then down or down then up, to do one of two different manuals) before you land instead of reverting

Try this:

Start on a new level.

Go and find a high ledge/slope etc that gives you a lot of height (you don't need height for this, but it will help whilst you're learning)

Press X (ollie) to jump in the air
Press left and square to do a kickflip
Press up then down to manual before you land.

You will then go into a manual, which you can use to lead into a further combo (such as a grind)

As for <> +O - you need to press < then press > as quickly as possible as you press O

They are normally shown as <,> + O which shows they should be pressed in that order and not at the same time

Does that help?


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cheers RL, I can do the ollie quick trick manual then grind, its the half pipes where i cant seem to get things going.

Ive just bought the carnival level with challenges like 750000, i can see its going to have to be something a bit better than a sequence of grinds!


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For the half pipe:

Skate up the quarter pipe, press X as you reach the top to jump. Do a trick (kickflip, grab etc) and make sure the front (or the back) of you board is pointing towards the ground before you land. Use L1 and R1 to spin so that you're 90 degrees to the ramp. (The important thing here is that you don't land at an angle where you fall on your back or your chest)

AS SOON AS YOU LAND press R2 to revert, press X then up/down to manual before you land. You will have enough speed to reach a grind, or go up another quarter pipe and do it again.

Once you get used to it, it's very easy. But it's not an easy game to learn and you need a lot of practice - most people think 'casual game so it must have no depth...' They couldn't be more wrong

It took me over a year to fully master the revert when it was introduced in TH3. Now I can do 4 Indy 900s in a row in most half pipes (Indy>revert>manual>Indy and so on):eek:

One more thing:

What are your stats like? Don't go trying complex moves if your character's stats are low. I haven't played TH4 for a while so I can't remember its stat progression system. iirc you have to 'buy' new stat points. Do that before you go buying extra levels and bonus stuff.

Avoid the Carnival level at all costs for now:rotfl:

btw that 750,000 is only the high score. The sick score for that level is 1,500,000:zonked: :smashin:


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I think the game is incredibly clever because I get so much fun out of doing nothing but practicing. The progression is an aside!

And as for the amount of dexterity, its incredible what you have to do to plan a grind combo!

So a revert by itself is no good, I have to revert, ollie, manual then add next trick (either grind or air based). Once Ive mastered this I can crush my 8 year old nephew!!!!

This is the first game since Doom that has had me up till 3am


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Yes, master that and victory is within your grasp! If you want any really sick combo suggestions, let me know and I'll share :devil:

Yeah you're getting used to it now, I think. How is your son going to feel though once he realises his father has spent so long practicing purely to kick his ass grin:

It really is a game though where it just suddenly 'clicks' and you feel like a god because you're breaking million point combos, or getting high score challenges in a single combo. But you also get that feeling when you have an idea, try it and it works. Then you'll see a way to extend that slightly (ie a lip trick instead of a kickflip at the end of a run) Then that leads onto further extensions. Then more...and more...then you start experimenting with variations :eek:

3am? Yep, you're hooked :eek:tfl:. I regularly play this game until the early hours of the morning . I stayed up until 5am playing through THUG's career mode from beginning to end:eek: - this was after I'd already finished it twice:rolleyes:


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I never finished TH4. I gave up on the Pro challenges. Not because they were too hard, they were stupid and really boring

I finished about 75% of the game and just played on free skate mode after that or tried to beat my own high scores (far, far more satisfying than half of the challenges in the game)
Ask me anything you want! I am the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater master! Have played and completed all from 1 to THUG! Currently playing THUG on Sick Mode now.


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asit happens
i have now got to grips with flat land tricks and using manuals with reverts (still crap but i know how to do em).

the thing that still eludes me is specials

I get the meter up and then am told do a <- -> O
Is that O with <- then -> or what?


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It's <-
Then ->
Then O

Do it as quickly as possibly though - you have to press it far quicker than you do with regular moves.


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2 months on and special tricks are mastered.

can do high combos but only by double pressing O /\ and [] in grind or lip trick.

Still cant do half pipe combos but getting there

stat points make a difference.

2 tricks that annoy are kona slalom and manual jump manual in san francisco

any advice

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