Tony Hawks Under Ground



thanks for the link mate Im a big TH fan and this looks sweet.By the way dont buy Matt Hoffman Pro Bmx 2 (xbox) it is in my opinion total tiolet.


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Funny that, I bought Davie Mirra on the strength of Aggressive Inline, that turned out to be a pile of ***** too.


The trailers on demo dvd for the newsest issue of official PS2 mag. The face maping feature should be funny.


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Yes, but how do you get your face on it.
It would be good if you can use the eye toy?
Suppose you will need a network adaptor and use your pc.



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I'm looking forward to it. I really like the other TH games, even though they seem to be going further and further away from what I want ie loads of high score challenges and competitions.

The new game ideas sound terrible imo (driving, running around etc). But I'll still end up getting it because I want to experience the high/pro/sick scores. Plus it's one of my favourite multi player games.

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