Tomtom One 3rd Gen Screen problems

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    Hi All

    I recently brought a new Tom Tom one 3rd gen model - used it once for a long trip all was fine.
    I then had another long trip planned - so updated my TomTom and since the update its gone `tits up`. The screen switches at random even when not touched - one point it turned off the sound and even changed language to Danish without sceen being touched.

    I spoke to Tom Tom helpdesk and they gave me insturctions on what to do - said it was a software issue. followed instructions - reset, backed up the Tomtom and the deleted all `loose` files via `my computer` and external drive - This seemed to stop the screen switching itself - but using it today on the road same thing happened again - screen moves itself - turns of sound and randomly goes crazy on me.

    Can anyone suggest any cure - is it hardware related or software?

    Any help with be much appreciated

    Thanks in advance

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