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Hi, I recently posted asking advise in what sat nav to buy for hubbys birthday, after lots of helpful info, I bought the tomtomGO510 .... which I must say, he is delighted with, :) .... as you will know, it fits on the windscreen, via a suction cup, which is pretty good ... but hubby feels that he would prefer it on the dashboard, just behing steering wheel ...does anyone know, can you buy a different sort of mount for it, one that would fit on the dashboard,..He is also a taxi driver & feels this is a less obvious place for it to sit ... for times when he has to dash in & out of the car comes with a home mount, with the plug for the computer ... something like that would maybe act as an in car mount to cut a long story short ........does anyone have any reccomendations ?


As yet there's no other in-car mount available for the TT510, however you can buy a self adhesive disc that can be stuck to the dashboard (or anywhere else come to that) You can then use the suction cup mount on that.

Try searching for 'Tom Tom disc' or something similar on Ebay. They normally go for only a couple of quid.


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I've fitted my 510 to the dash of my Vectra.
I used a "Brodit Proclip", which is available for most cars. You can get them to mount over the air vents or on the centre console. It's basically a bent strip of plastic, but works very well. I removed the suction cup, and screwed the mount onto the Proclip.

When I got my 510, it came with the early-model mount, which tended to droop. I contacted TomTom, and they sent me a new mount, free of charge. I used the old mount to make my custom mount, and kept the new one for windscreen mounting.

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