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As devices get smaller and neater, I like the cases and other forms of protection to be similarly neat and compact whole still remaining practical. I personally use a combination of my work issue laptop and iPad Pro and wanted something small and practical for carrying both in the car and office for meetings.

If you are new to the Tomtoc brand, I encourage you to take a look at their website. They offer an excellent range of laptop bags and similar accessories and I am generally very impressed with the quality of their products. I discovered them when I bought both cases for both my iPad Pro and Pencil.

This sleeve I have here can be thought of as more like a slimline, compact laptop bag than a sleeve due to its added practicality and storage.

This one measures in at a compact 38cm tall by 27cm wide with a depth of 4.5cm and is designed for the Macbook Pro 15 but fits my Lenovo Thinkpad perfectly. Tomtoc also offer this in a range of sizes to fit various devices. The outside is fabricated from a Cordura material that is both hard wearing and water repellent. Inner lining is a 3D foam cushion with a very soft covering. The main laptop compartment is well padded and also includes embedded rubber corners for increased drop protection. On the front is a smaller compartment which is lightly padded but not to the same degree as the main compartment. This is big enough for the 3rd gen iPad Pro 12.9 in a smart cover or my iPad Pro 11 including a thick neoprene sleeve which is what I use it for. I would be wary of the lack of protection from bumps and knocks for an iPad without additional protection such as my neoprene sleeve.
If you forgo the iPad, this front section is ideal for a number of smaller items since within this compartment, there are also a couple of elasticated pockets and a full width zippered section.

On the rear of the bag is a grab handle making the sleeve more convenient for carrying around. For my use in the office, this is more than sufficient but in hindsight, Tomtoc offer similar sleeves that also include an optional shoulder strap which may be more practical moving between the car and office if you have other things to carry as well.

The quality of this sleeve is what impresses me the most. Everything looks and feels high quality from the other materials and construction to the soft interior linings and easy pull zips. This is my favourite option for travelling light to the office with a laptop and iPad in tow!

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