Tomb Raider Legend - £29.97

Indiana Jones

Nice spot but already posted in the Bargains section afew days ago.

Indiana Jones

No doubt just wrong info, dont worry about it.


kevlar said:
I wouldn't be surprised if Tesco screw us over like they did with halo3/live pack.
To be fair, if Tesco had offered a Halo 3/Live pack, I think they'd have been being a bit premature!


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michaelT1888 said:
wot mistake did tesco make with halo2/live pack?
They offered Halo2 + XBL Starter kit for £17.97. When it came to processing the orders, everyone was sent a "cancelled due to heavy demand" email.
no wonder there was heavy demand it cost £40 for a live subscription on its own!! but they should have shown out of stock when they had sold all of them!!

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