Tom Tom One (V2) And Battery


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Dec 24, 2005
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I have just purchased one of the above and I am very pleased with it. I have two questions if anybody can help. How do I know when the battery is fully charged? I know I can see the battery icon in the satellite info screen and it looks full but it never tells me it is full like my mobile phone does. Also how long would the (fully charged) battery be expected to last out of the vehicle or in the vehicle but not attached to the car charger? On some journeys it would be more convenient not to have a wire trailing up the dashboard.


Not sure on the first question, but the battery on the TT1 v2 is supposed to last 2-2.5 hours when not connected.

I have just changed my TT1 v1 for a v2. On my v1, I always got around 3 hours. The v2 is looking slightly weaker at the moment, but may improve when I have done a few charging cycles.

The TT 'Go' series batteries last much longer at 4 hours plus. The smaller battery is one of the trade offs of the much smaller size and price of the TT1.

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